No entertainment?! Do tell!

So, after already being stuck in Atlanta overnight because of a delay which I wrote about yesterday, it was quite disappointing to board the plane from Atlanta to Zurich and find out all 3 seats my family were in had broken in flight entertainment. 9 hours to Zurich…

Zero audio, and the screens would freeze every couple seconds. We could practically only view the map of the plane.

Oh and one of the screens was literally falling out…

Stream to your device?

In a perfect world yes. But when all of the power USB charging ports aren’t working either, no can do!


On the bright side, the flight attendant immediately came to our seats to notify us of our IFE being broken. Nicole was very apologetic, and provided great service throughout the flight. I appreciate her gesture of 15,000 Skymiles.

Flight Highlights:

In terms of the flight, it was okay but of course they had to run out of the chicken for dinner and we were all stuck with cheese ravioli… People in the row in front had to decline dinner because they were lactose intolerant!! Delta, you can’t assume everyone can eat cheese…..

On the bright side, they gave us a full water bottle! And had decent drink services. The breakfast box was fine, just cold.


This 767-400 is really sad. I was talking to someone who was on the ATL-ZRH flight a few days later and her rows IFE was also broken. Delta needs to maintain these 767-400’s better…


Anyone have IFE stories of their own? Comment below!





Once I got to Europe, I had a blast! And, I will be doing my first full Trip Report and try to post daily!

Here’s a preview of what to expect!

Hotel Reviews:


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