Railjet is the high speed train for Austria and is their flagship train. I had Railjet first class tickets from Innsbruck to Salzburg, and from Salzburg to Vienna 3 days later. I booked them through OBB (Austria’s trains), and they were non-refundable. For train traveling in Europe, I refer a lot to The Man in Seat 61, as his site is quite helpful on details about European trains.

I booked 2 months in advance for both trains: Innsbruck-Salzburg and Salzburg to Vienna, in what is called a “Sparschiene Ticket” which is completely non-refundable or changeable. First class only cost 10 EUR more than coach on this ticket, so I booked First. And i chose to pay 3 EUR to get an assigned seat. If you don’t pay for an assigned seat, you can just sit in any empty seat.

There is also Business Class seats, which is a higher class than First (a bit confusing, I know), which I reviewed here!

Railjet First Class also gets you into the OBB Lounges, where they serve refreshments. Here’s my review of the Railjet First Class Lounge! There are currently 7 lounges: Vienna Central Station, Vienna Meidling, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Klagenfurt and Innsbruck.

The Railjet First Class Experience:

Innsbruck to Salzburg: 1hr 48 min

Salzburg to Vienna: 2 hr 22 min

The seats in first are wider, and have more legroom in a more comfortable 1-2 configuration, rather than 2-2 in 2nd class. Also, the seats are leather, unlike in 2nd class.

A welcome cookie snack is offered, and there is service to take food orders from your seat so you don’t have to take a stroll to the bistro car (or if you’re just lazy, I won’t judge 🙂

All classes of service have free wifi, but for some reason on the Innsbruck-Salzburg train the wifi was broken. Thankfully, it worked on the Salzburg-Vienna train.

The bathrooms on railjet are quite nice as well.

The Verdict:

With nice views and a comfortable seat, I much prefer Railjet First Class than having to fly from city to city. A solid choice to explore Austria! For 10 extra Euros, I think it was totally worth it to upgrade to 1st!

If you’re curious on how 2nd class looks, I wrote about it here. Want to splurge even more? Check out my review of Business Class!

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