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How I’m saving $45+ a Month on Credit Card Annual Fees with American Express!

PREMISE During this difficult, unprecedented, uncertain, trying, insert-your-own-corporate-COVID19-word-here time, I’ve been hyperfocused on trimming my budgets, much of which were slashed to the bone. While we’ve been fortunate to remain gainfully employed, and actually better via my side-hustle income (improving my savings) and lowered expenses, I wanted to take this time to see where my money was going and how to save on expenses. One of my largest non-house costs is my American Express Hilton Aspire card, which costs me $450 a year, as well as my American Express Hilton Ascend (now Surpass) Card, which is $95 a year....

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Peek Behind the Curtain: Hotel & Restaurant Management via Culinary School + Let’s Chat about Travel!

Premise It’s been a difficult, unprecedented, uncertain, insert-your-own-corporate-COVID19 word here, time, and my travels have ground to a halt. However, I have still kept up with the news – guarded reopenings of the country, Depression-level unemployment – and thought more about the many people who are affected job-wise. The front line service-workers are the ones hit the hardest from such a pandemic. Wondering about their predicament and desire to increase job security and safety, I looked into the hospitality career track. During and after my time at business school, I also thought about getting my Master’s in Hotel Administration....

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Honeymoon Restaurant Review: Locavore & Locavore To-Go, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

HIGHLIGHTS: Restaurant Locavore & Locavore To-Go During my amazing stay in Ubud, Bali, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a top-tier restaurant in Locavore. The first day we had some amazing lunch at Locavore To-Go – their fast casual restaurant, where their burgers were pricey but fantastic. We also enjoyed a longer, multi-course dinner at Locavore the next day, which was a wonderful experience. It reminded me of my experiences in the States at places like Atelier Crenn and French Laundry – with many small dishes each with very select ingredients. My standard restaurant reviews include a breakdown by...

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Random Musings: Investment in Norwegian Cruise Line & Stockholder Benefit

Premise – Stockholder Benefit During this COVID-19 social distancing, I’ve had time to reflect on travel-related stories, and wanted to plan for a future trip. I had such a blast on Norwegian Cruise Line last year on the Norwegian Bliss that I thought hey, why not try to score another one later this year after all this crazy goes away? During my research last year I found that NCL has a Shareholder Benefit – much like all the other cruise lines, where owning shares of the parent company grants you onboard credit (OBC) for use on the ship! I...

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Hotel Review: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee

HIGHLIGHTS: Loews Vanderbilt Hotel This was a wonderful experience, and definitely a great breath of fresh air after coming here from my previous hotel. It’s located a ways from downtown Nashville, but highlights include the spacious, quality room, pleasant lobby area, and the house car that will take you around (within a few miles)   My standard hotel reviews include a breakdown by the following topics. Feel free to skip to whichever section you find most interesting. Highlights Lobby Room Hotel Space / Ambiance Food & Drink Fitness Miscellaneous   LOBBY & CHECK-IN Directly in the swivel door is the...

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Hotel Review: Residence Inn by Marriott Nashville at Opryland

HIGHLIGHTS: Residence Inn by Marriott Nashville at Opryland What a pleasant stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott Nashville at Opryland – with their wonderful shuttle, convenient restaurants and things to see nearby, and spacious rooms, it was a great experience. At just 50K points for two nights, it was also a good deal.   My standard hotel reviews include a breakdown by the following topics. Feel free to skip to whichever section you find most interesting. Highlights Lobby Room Hotel Space / Ambiance Food & Drink Fitness Miscellaneous   LOBBY & CHECK-IN This was a weird building, with an...

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Tips for Visiting Canada for the First Time!

Premise Planning to visit our neighbor to the North? If you’ve never been there before you may assume Canada is just like the United States, but colder. In truth, there are a lot of differences and important things to know beyond just that Canadians love hockey a lot and where to get poutine. Maybe you’re going to Toronto on business, visiting relatives in Winnipeg, or appraising houses for sale in Vancouver. Maybe you just want to have an adventure up in the Great White North. Whatever your reason, consider this your handy dandy Canada-y survival guide!   Just the...

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Sponsored: RepairSmith – Car Repair Delivered to You (in California & Las Vegas)

Sponsored – this review is sponsored by RepairSmith via their marketing team.  INTRODUCTION TO REPAIRSMITH As I’m on the go a lot, I got a reach out from RepairSmith, advertising their Car Repair Delivery offering. The concept of having car repaid delivered to my door – working in the parking lot, or my driveway – is quite attractive. I took a look at their different products and maybe will try it in the future. It’s a lot easier to book and get a quote, especially if it’s far to a repair place. They offer online booking, guaranteed pricing, and mechanics...

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Sponsored: Ora’s Amazing Herbal Beauty & Skincare – Travel Sizes!

Sponsored – this review is sponsored by Ora‘s Amazing Herbal via their affiliate advertising agency.  INTRODUCTION TO ORA’S AMAZING HERBAL Ora’s Amazing Herbal markets itself as a “top-quality, vegan, cruelty-free” provider of beauty and skincare products. This review of a swath of their products ranging from body oils to powders, cleansers, and more. Lady Hotelion would certainly love to try these products, and perhaps some would be of use to you!   Package & Contents The package arrived in a small non-descript brown box, slightly smaller in width and length than a shoebox. The gift box was a wide...

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Bar Review: Mama Rabbit Mezcal + Tequila Bar, Park MGM Las Vegas

HIGHLIGHTS: Mama Rabbit Mezcal + Tequila Bar @ Park MGM Las Vegas After dining at La La Noodle in Park MGM, we crossed the casino and found Mama Rabbit Mezcal + Tequila Bar, next to Best Friend on the property’s South side. Highlights include their expansive Mezcal and Tequila menu (obviously), as well as the fantastic service of our bartender explaining the history and backstory of both the drinks as well as the establishment. They also have a great lounging and gaming area with another bar (closed when we went), open Wednesday to Saturday for people to sip and...

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