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Trent is a European based author covering airlines in the oneworld alliance, plus those flying in the Irish, British and Australian markets. He also produces comprehensive and unbiased flight reviews. For variety, Trent intersperses all of this with pieces on aviation history, commentary on current industry happenings and travel tips for frequent and infrequent flyers.

Hey Australia, change your mandatory quarantine rules so I can visit my family!

Australia is one of the countries that has successfully contained Covid-19, with just 108 deaths in a population of over 25 million people. This is partly due to an early lockdown and partly due to strict mandatory quarantine measures. Everyone landing from abroad must go into a hotel for 14 days, where they are confined to their room for the duration. A friend of mine outlined the arrival experience at the end of this flight review. People who purchased their flight before midnight on 12 July or earlier are not charged, but after that a single adult is billed...

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Does anyone remember the very advanced Boeing 247?

The Boeing 247 is remembered for the many firsts it introduced which became design standards for aircraft around the world. First flying on 8 February 1933, it entered service with Boeing Air Transport only a few months later on 22 May 1933. It is the first passenger airliner to feature things like retractable landing gear, all metal construction and a fully cantilevered wing. Other advanced features for the era were an autopilot, de-icing boots for the wings and tailplane and control surface trim tabs. All of these are common today. Boeing 247 Video Following on from the last videos...

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If you earned lifetime frequent flyer status, would you stick to your airline or switch?

Lifetime frequent flyer status is offered by certain airlines to reward frequent flyers who have been loyal for years. Usually the threshold is so high that most people would only achieve it around the time they retire. Of course, some ultra-frequent flyers achieve it earlier and good for them. It means they are guaranteed to have a shiny card with lounge access forever. Well, “forever” as long as the airline remains in business. Lifetime Frequent Flyer – But Then Switching? I have seen a couple of random comments from people on forums in relation to lifetime frequent flyer status...

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Missing your Cathay Delight fix? Here’s how to make Cathay Pacific’s signature mocktail at home

Decent airlines generally have a little something special on board that is unique. Something special that sticks in the memory, or indeed, the tastebuds. On Cathay Pacific, it is their Cathay Delight. This is a gorgeous taste sensation, coloured pale green to evoke the airline’s brand. It features on the business class menu and I will always have one or two when flying the Hong Kong based oneworld carrier. How Do You Make A Cathay Delight? I’m not one to sit an analyse the taste of things in great detail. It’s something I really should do, because it never...

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Have you heard about Celebrity Cruises great e-mail bombardment of 2020?

Just how many e-mails can a person get from one company? Celebrity Cruises seems to be trying to set a new record, judging by the bombardment of communications I have received recently. We all know the travel industry is doing badly. Cruise lines are probably doing worse than most, since ships by their very nature have people in relatively tight quarters. Judging by the deluge of mail I have from Celebrity, they really want me to buy a cruise. What Constitutes A Bombardment? I have travelled with Celebrity Cruises just once, when I spent ten lovely days on Celebrity...

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Aer Lingus list European flights for July and it’s short enough!

Like the creaking of a door in a horror movie, European travel is gradually slurbing into life. It is a complex matter though, so Ireland’s Aer Lingus decided to list the flights they are operating in July. This is quite handy for passengers, as it provides definitive travel options. It’s also an interesting look into what some of the more popular routes at an airline actually are. Complexities That Make Aer Lingus List European Flights Have you searched for flights lately? You would be forgiven for thinking that all airlines are operating a generally normal schedule. This is because...

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Dublin Airport lounges closed until 30 September – a bit excessive, don’t you think?

Out of the five lounges at Dublin Airport, four of them are operated by the airport. The only airline operated facility is the Aer Lingus Lounge in Terminal 2. Right now, it’s all lounges closed, which is not too much of a surprise. What is a bit of a surprise is the fact the lounges are closed through to 30 September. This means there is nowhere for premium passengers – or those who wish to pay for access – to relax before flight. Why the extended closure? Lounges Closed In Dublin, But Not Elsewhere Having the lounges closed makes...

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Do you need to worry if the USA cancels your ESTA right now?

The USA cancels your ESTA?! A what now? When travelling to the United States, people from certain countries may visit as tourists without the requirement for a Visa. Instead, people apply for a Electronic System for Travel Authorization, more commonly known as an ESTA. This costs US$14 and lasts for two years. Thanks to the current travel restrictions, foreign nationals are generally not permitted to visit the USA. Those who have an ESTA who try to travel will have it cancelled. When the USA cancels your ESTA, it is quite disconcerting. Should you worry? What Happens When The USA...

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Have you seen the British Airways app backgrounds and Executive Club cards?

Like most airlines, British Airways has a mobile phone application to streamline people’s experience. There are various app backgrounds which denote which level you are in the Executive Club. There is an amusing glitch at the moment, where Executive Club members can see all the various app backgrounds and Executive Club cards. Clearly this is there for IT testing, but for those of us fascinated by such things, it’s fun to see. British Airways App Backgrounds Let’s start with the ones that most people don’t see. Few people see the black Premier card, as this is the invitation only...

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British Airways are taking cancelled flights into account for Executive Club status

British Airways are currently being very understanding towards their most loyal customers. As people have not been able to fly and may not for some time, all members were given an extra 12 months added to their Executive Club status. This means frequent flyers maintain their hard earned Gold, Silver or Bronze card without the need to fly. That was coupled with a 25% reduction in the amount of tier points needed to achieve a higher level. Generous all round. What is not quite so commonly known is around cancelled flights and going up a tier. Cancelled Flights and...

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