Scandinavian Airlines or SAS is the airline of Denmark, Norway and Sweden though it is now second largest airline after Norwegian. The airline is one of the founding members of Star Alliance.

For flights within Europe, the airline operates a simple fare structure featuring three different fare types. To compete with low cost carriers, there is SAS Go Light which is hand baggage only. Next is SAS Go which is a normal ticket featuring a bag included.

Finally there is SAS Plus which features lounge access, an included meal, fast-track security, two checked bags and so on. This is the equivalent of business class however business class seats are identical to all the rest in every way.

SAS Pre-Order Meal

When booking and after booking you can pre-order your meal. There are four options presented and quite frankly I don’t think they do a very good job of making the meal sound desirable.

From the descriptions below, it seems they are writing in order to be as generic as possible. This leads me to believe consistency in the meals varies quite considerably.

Lunch would want to be pretty comprehensive for €13 as I tend to baulk at any price for on board food in excess of €10. With the other three meals, I think the pricing is okay.

Interestingly, while the sandwich and the salad are available on the on board menu (for flights over 80 minutes), the lunch is not. It is only available as a pre-order. The on board menu at SAS is extremely small compared to the airlines I usually fly.

Seats and Bags

Extra bags cost €30 per bag and seats are a whopping €15 each. For comparison, British Airways charge €8 to select a standard seat on their flights and Aer Lingus charge €6.99. Ryanair are even better value with seats priced at €2 for standard seats, priority seats at €7 and extra leg room seats at €11.

Checking the seat map for a flight in around a month’s time shows that almost no seats have been pre-selected. I’m in two minds as to whether I will select a seat or not at those prices. It is a flight well over two hours, so I’d like to see out – but then, it’s entirely possible I can ask at check-in and get one for nothing.

Overall Thoughts

Different airlines price what are essentially the same things at various price points so that is interesting. I have not flown SAS for years so it will be nice to see what they are doing now. Lunch is probably going to happen and I may even pay to select a seat.

While the pricing does seem to be a little bit of a rip off, only experiencing it myself will let me decide that. Perhaps the €13 lunch will be the best lunch I’ve ever had on a flight. Keep your eyes out for the post in a month’s time. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Konstantin von Wedelstaedt via Wikimedia Commons