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Honestly, I’m going to start off with the fact that I was not expecting this to be an amazing Marriott. The pictures online looked nice, but nothing super special. It was completely unexpected how amazing the Marriott was! Having stayed at a handful of Marriott’s, who would have thought the Prague Marriott would be the best one I have ever stayed at?

For my Summer European Trip, I needed to find a hotel in Prague! For some reason, the week I was in Prague the hotels were not as cheap as they normally are. A bit frustrated, I ended up locking in the Marriott at about 220 USD a night including taxes. The Hilton across the street was over 300! I liked the Old Town location as it seemed very convenient (which it was!).

I ended up splitting up the reservation in 2 because it was just too expensive on Marriott’s website for my first 2 nights. So I booked with Last Minute Travel Club for my first 2 nights, then direct with Marriott for my last night. Breakfast was included on my last night as Marriott has the “Visa Breakfast” promotion where if you pay with Visa, you get free breakfast! That promotion is still going on in Europe, and it’s a great deal because its the lowest rate, and you just have to pay with Visa to get the breakfast!

Don’t let the exterior of the hotel trick you, it doesn’t look that great but the inside is much better!

The Prague Marriott is rated 4.5/5.0 on TripAdvisor, and I actually think it’s well deserved!

Prague Marriott Short Review With Scores (Out Of 5, 5 Being the Best)

My Overall Score: 5

5: Excellent, Highly Recommend
4: Very Good, Solid Choice to Consider
3: Ok, Check Other Options Before Booking
2: Below Par, Try to Avoid
1: Terrible, Run Far Away

Rooms: 5/5
Amenities: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Location: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Sleep Quality: 5/5

QUICK SUMMARY: Overall, the Prague Marriott has modern yet luxurious rooms, in a good part of Old Town Prague with excellent service. I highly recommend!

The Room:

I was already impressed walking into the hallway, as it was very modern but still classy. That feeling continued into the room, and I was very impressed. Too often I stay at hotels that remodel or turn “modern” and feel very low-end and chintzy. The Prague Marriott pulled off modern while not sacrificing luxury.

We were given a “City Room” which is a bit larger than a standard guest room. It’s located at the parts of the hotel that stick out a bit. It says “2 Double Beds” but don’t let that fool you! At the Prague Marriott, it’s the US equivalent of Queen Sized, unlike how in the US, double essentially equals Full Sized.

The room was very clean, and the linens were of very good quality. I got a great nights rest as the mattress and pillow were very good as well. A coffee maker was provided. There were sufficient power ports, with a ton of USB connectors! And 3 complimentary bottles of water daily!

While the bathroom wasn’t AMAZING, it was still designed and functioned very well. For a 3 piece bathroom, it was quite roomy, and got the job done. And, the counter space was very large so it didn’t feel cramped at all. If I had to pick a downfall of the room, it would be the fact that the shower’s water pressure was a bit too low. But, that’s a nitpick, not a huge issue 🙂


Service was very good at the Prague Marriott with Monica at the front desk being an absolute joy! Additionally, whenever I needed ice delivered (they don’t have ice machines per floor, sigh) the staff who picked up the phone were very professional and immediately addressed me by my last name and delivered the ice very quickly! (even the Waldorf Astoria in Berlin wouldn’t do that! I’ll rant on that in a few days).

There is a fitness center below the lobby which was of average size.


I had breakfast included on my last day, and it was pretty good! There was a omelet station, a good buffet selection and even an Asian fusion section (but that section was not really that good, but they tried!). Not sure if its worth 670 CZK (about 30 USD), but if it’s included in your rate it’s a very good breakfast!


The location is great to explore Prague. It’s in Old Town, and easy to get to most sights! There’s a mall right across the street, and I didn’t know this before I came but shops in Prague are open on Sunday unlike in Germany (and most of Western Europe).

The Verdict:

Overall, the Prague Marriott is a great place to stay when you’re in Prague! In a good part of Old Town, amazing rooms and great service!

Happy travels,


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