$15 Vienna State Opera Tickets? Tell me more!

Vienna State Opera tickets go on sale around the less than 3 month mark, as of right now tickets are available for performances until the end of October.

I found 15 EUR tickets online about 2 months before my trip to Vienna and booked them on the main website. I picked ones that only had 3 in a row, I’d thought it would be cool as it was more “private”. Some seats on the orchestra level go for upwards of 150 EUR!

Let me just start off my saying the opera house is beautiful!

My Seats:

Why such a price difference?

Well this was my bad. I thought it said “Slight Restriction”, like there is a slight viewing restriction like on broadway musicals, at an angle or something.

Well no, it’s a “SIGHT RESTRICTION” as in you CAN’T SEE. Oops 🙂

So, all the pink seats have sight restrictions. You could tell during the performance when everyone in the pink seats were literally tippy toe-ing to catch a glimpse of the stage.

How was my seat?

Well, let’s just say I couldn’t see anything sitting down. And if I managed to stand on my chair, raise my neck like a giraffe and tilt myself, I could see a good 25% of the stage.

Vienna State Opera Tickets

My amazing view!!


On the bright side, there are mini tablet things in which you can read the dialogue of the play! They have many different languages, so you could follow what was going on.

My opera/play was in French, so even my 3 years of high school French did not help my comprehension of the play whatsoever. 🙂 Thank goodness for the tablet devices that translated the play to English.

The Verdict:

If you want to just visit the Vienna State Opera and hear a opera or play (and not see what is going on) these 15 EUR seats are for you! But, if you want to fully experience and opera with both senses (sight and hearing!), you should probably opt for other seats.

It certainly got the job done as my family and I just wanted to visit and sample an opera at the Vienna State Opera House but if we go back to Vienna we will upgrade ourselves to better seats 🙂

If you REALLY want to save money and don’t mind standing, there are “Standing Room Tickets“! They are sold the day of the performance 80 minutes prior and they are only like about 4 EUR! You can actually see the stage too based on what I’ve heard! Maybe I’ll try this next time, but I heard it is very cramped. But hey 4 EUR?! Stay for 30 minutes then leave if need be lol.

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