After my horrible experience on the outbound legs, first being stuck in Atlanta overnight. Then, flying the transatlantic flight for 9 hours with No In-Flight Entertainment, I was hoping my flight home would be much more pleasant.

The night before I logged into to check-in and was really excited when Delta Comfort Plus was showing free for my Berlin (TXL)- New York (JFK) flight! Too bad it was a glitch, which I wrote about. Sad face. I did get an upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus on my New York (JFK)- Los Angeles (LAX) leg which I’ll review tomorrow!

Before I start my review, I’d like to post a quick update. I sent in a complaint to Delta 24 days ago and I still haven’t received a reply! Their Twitter team said replies can take from 30-45 days! Their customer service is really slow! Not impressed.


Delta Air Lines Flight 222
Berlin (TXL) to New York (JFK)
Seat: 24C- Aisle- Main Cabin
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
Scheduled Departure: 12:55 PM
Actual Departure: On Time
Scheduled Arrival: 3:45 PM
Arrival to Gate: On Time (A few minutes late)

THE FLIGHT: Delta Main Cabin

First off, boarding at Berlin Tegel is crazy haha. It’s such a small airport! After security you’re practically at the gate and there’s no food options other than a cart. You can even see baggage claim and immigration/customs from the gate looking over to the other gate.

I’ve flown on the 767-300 quite a bit for transatlantic flights on Delta. It’s a solid plane and I like having the 3 seats in the middle for my family. It is much better than the 767-400, which feels really old and has the older seat-back TV’s.

The legroom on Delta’s 767-300 is sufficient, and being in the aisle helps me. I watched a Dog’s Purpose (great movie, highly recommend) and I saw Kong: Skull Island (ehhhh 4/10). There was USB charging so I charged my phone! I was pleasantly surprised with the meal services on this flight!


They really made sure we didn’t starve, which was nice. The main meal service was a pretty good curry chicken! I liked it, for economy standards. The other option was a Beef Salad but my whole family got chicken. They also gave out water bottles during the flight which I appreciate!

Service was sufficient, the flight attendants seemed okay. Not overly friendly but not bad either!

One negative was the wifi was completely down the whole flight. Good thing there was seat back in-flight entertainment!

One interesting story from this flight is the in-flight entertainment system.

The in-flight entertainment said that our total distance was 3,611 miles, but our aircraft could only go 3,515 miles? What? So would we just be gliding on the last 96 miles to Kennedy Airport? 😀

Definitely an error, but certainly sparked some interest.

The Verdict:

Overall, this was a fine 9 hour transatlantic hop in the Delta Main Cabin. Food was decent and the in-flight entertainment kept me busy.





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