I love being in First Class now! For my European Trip, I booked all First Class seats for my connections from city to city, except for the first leg from Zurich to Salzburg because I arrived a day later than anticipated and missed my originally booked First Class train. To get to Berlin, I booked a First Class Prague to Berlin train and it was only 15 USD more to upgrade my ticket from 2nd class to 1st class. It often costs only a bit more than 2nd class, and I totally think the extra space is worth it!

From Prague to Berlin, it is serviced by a Eurocity Train by České Dráhy (CD). That is the main railway operator for the Czech Republic. I booked through České Dráhy (CD), and you can also book on DB Bahn (Germany). I recommend you compare prices on both. For mine, the České Dráhy (CD) site was cheaper. But I was doing a random search for November, and the DB Bahn site was actually cheaper!

For train traveling in Europe, I refer a lot to The Man in Seat 61, as his site is quite helpful on details about European trains.

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First Class Prague to Berlin:

Journey Time: 4 hours, 29 minutes

You can reserve seats ahead of time at booking but there is a fee of about 3 USD per seat. Or, you can choose any empty seat that is not reserved when you board. I reserved ahead of time, and I’m happy I did as a lot of the seats had seat reservations on them!

While not as nice as Austria’s Railjet, it was still a decently comfortable train. First Class has a 1-2 layout, versus a 2-2 layout in Second Class. and I reserved all the 1’s for my family! My parents had two seats facing each other with a table, and I was right behind them.

There is complimentary wifi until you hit the German border, then there’s no wifi at all 🙁

There’s a cafe car in the middle of the train and quite a lot of people were eating there when I went to take a visit!

Also, they served complimentary water bottles! Woo hoo!

The Verdict:

Even though 4 hours and 29 minutes seems really long, the First Class Prague to Berlin train ride went by really quickly! Comfortable seats and a smooth ride make this a great way to get from Prague to Berlin. I’m really starting to like trains now, despite the fact that I love airplanes! They are just so convenient and send you to the center of the city!

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