Max Prosperi

Max Prosperi is a business major based out of the Midwest. A college student stuck with the task of receiving an education, he still makes time to fly throughout the world. He’s learned how to maximize earning points and miles and travel cheaply even in premium cabins.

Breeze Airways’ Initial Strategy Fails to Demonstrate Its Niche

On February 7th, 2020, JetBlue founder David Neeleman announced that his next project, Breeze Airways, could take to the skies as early as this year. After years of behind the scenes development, Neeleman’s newest venture, which was previously known as Moxy Airways, was made official with documents filed with the US Department of Transportation. Additionally, Neeleman outlined what passengers can expect from the new airline. Neeleman is quoted as saying that Breeze Airways is “going to fly where no one else is flying,” this is far from the case. Though Breeze Airways’ initial business plan has been announced, the...

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JetBlue Quietly Registered “Mint Suite” and “Mint Studio” Trademarks

JetBlue is expected to commence nonstop service between the U.S. and Europe in 2021. While the New York-based airline confirmed plans in 2019, there are still a number of unanswered questions surrounding the upcoming service. These include questions related to JetBlue’s premium product, JetBlue Mint. Though JetBlue’s Mint business class product is already very competitive, especially for the transcontinental market, there is widespread speculation that JetBlue will introduce a new variation of its Mint business class product alongside the airline’s new nonstop flights to Europe. As of February 2020, little is known about what this new Mint seat might...

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Can You Get Around the New York State Global Entry, TSA PreCheck Ban?

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), announced earlier today that residents of New York state will be unable to apply for the department’s Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP). These programs include popular services like TSA PreCheck and Global Entry as well as lesser-known programs like SENTRI and NEXUS. According to the Department of Homeland Security, New York residents are unable to apply for these programs as a result of a new law that prohibits the DHS from accessing Department of Motor Vehicle records within the state without a court order. The...

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Cheap Cyber Monday Flights: US to Europe from $84 one-way, $184 round-trip

  It’s Cyber Monday and while the overwhelming majority of deals are on things like consumer electronics and clothing, you can also score great deals on flights or vacation packages. One of these deals is on flights between the United States and Europe. For a limited time, flights from the U.S. to popular destinations in Europe are currently available from just $84 one-way or $184 round-trip. $84 one-way and $184 round-trip fares are only available on Iberia between Boston (BOS) and Barcelona (BCN). However, there are dozens of other deals on flights to top destinations in Europe from major...

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Review: I Finally Got To Fly Cathay Pacific First Class

Cathay Pacific first class is often considered to be one of the top first class products offered by any airline. With a massive double-wide seat, exceptional service, and access to top airport lounges, Cathay Pacific first class is a highly sought after redemption. I’ve personally had Cathay Pacific first class on my bucket list for some time now. However, my previous attempts never came to fruition as I either didn’t have enough miles or time. Finally, after years of wanting to fly in Cathay Pacific first class, I managed to find award space on the airline’s flight from New York City to Vancouver. Here’s my Cathay Pacific first class experience.

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This Gold Card is Actually Made with Gold, Review of The Mastercard® Gold Card™ from Luxury Card™

Ah, the gold card. The term gold card is thrown around quite a bit in movies and TV shows. You might think that a gold card would be the créme de la créme. This is not always the case. The most popular gold card, while a solid introductory premium card, doesn’t offer a great deal of benefits. However, there is one gold card that’s truly deserving of the title. That’s the Mastercard® Gold Card™ from Luxury Card™.

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Deal: SAS Offering Cheap Flights from The US to Europe from $276 Round-Trip

  Cheap flights from multiple cities in the US to destinations across Europe are currently available from $276 round-trip. All flights are offered by SAS, the flag-carrier of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. SAS offers a rather enjoyable economy class product. Fares allow passengers to bring one carry-on bag with seat assignments and checked bags available for a fee. Some itineraries may include checked bags. Flights are available from major US cities to destinations in Europe including Athens ($391), Dublin ($276), Frankfurt ($377), and Warsaw ($398). While these fares aren’t extremely cheap, multiple secondary cities throughout Europe are included in...

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My First Time Flying Intra-European Business Class, A Surprisingly Enjoyable Experience

Finally, last month, I took my first flight in business class on European airline solely within Europe. From what I’ve heard from other bloggers and frequent flyers, I was to expect poor service, awful legroom, and little to no onboard amenities. However, my two-hour flight from London to Berlin was a pleasant surprise that ran completely contrary to what I’ve heard about intra-European business class.

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Crítica: Volando en Interjet Sukhoi Superjet desde Los Cabos a Toluca (En Español)

La mayoría de los viajeros están familiarizados con Airbus y Boeing. Algunos incluso están familiarizados con Bombardier y Embraer. Pero hay otro fabricante de aviones que produce aviones regionales más grandes y más modernos. El fabricante de aviones ruso Sukhoi ofrece a las aerolíneas el Sukhoi Superjet, un avión regional menos conocido, el Sukhoi Superjet compite directamente con Embraer, Airbus y Bombardier. Esto es lo que parece a bordo del último avión comercial ruso operado por la compañía mexicana Interjet.

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