Over a day late? Do TELL!

I flew from SNA-ATL-ZRH. The SNA-ATL flight was delayed because it was overbooked and John Wayne Airport has payload restrictions due to its short runway. If you’re curious about the SNA-ATL flight’s Boeing 757-200, I’ve previously reviewed this aircraft and the actual flight experience was quite similar. Click here to see that review.

The plane boarded, and then the flight announced that it was still too heavy and needed more volunteers. This caused over a half an hour delay, and someone ended up leaving and the pilot decided to burn fuel for an additional 20 minutes. Why wasn’t this issue addressed before boarding? Or better yet, why was this flight overbooked given the restraints at John Wayne Airport? This delay caused my family to miss our connecting flight to Zurich. Now, I would completely understand if there were weather issues or a mechanical problem, but this was not an acceptable type of delay.

Upon arriving at Atlanta an hour late, as the plane did not make up any time in the air, we went to get rebooked because our connecting flight left right on time. We were put on the flight the following day, as the rebooking team at Atlanta could not find us an alternative flight the same day. Literally they claimed that KLM, Air France, and other Skyteam partners could not get me to Zurich…..Getting to Zurich a whole day late now caused me to miss my train, hotel room for the night, tour activities and shortened my summer family vacation to Europe by a day. Not cool!

Stuck in Atlanta Overnight:

What’s more astonishing was how hard it was to get a room for the night. At first, the agent stated we were not eligible for a place to stay the night as our flight delayed was deemed to have been caused by “air traffic control”. This was a completely untrue and after explaining our situation for a while, thankfully the agent booked us a place to stay. I am quite disappointed Delta tried to “cover up” the actual cause of the delay.

To add on, wait times to talk to call centers to check for alternative flight options were over 2 hours and there was no callback option! From the hotel, I could not talk to any call center because I would wait on hold, and twice it hung me up 1 hour in the call. I finally received a call back option the next day, but it was already too late.

Personally, I have not had such a bad flight. The poor experience is making me question my Delta relationship. I used to be pretty loyal to Delta, but I don’t know anymore.

Additionally, I sent a complaint to Delta, and I haven’t heard back yet (it has been a week). I asked how long it would take for a reply, and the twitter team said: 30 to 45 DAYS.

a screenshot of a phone


Astonishing. Hopefully I can update y’all in a month 🙂



On a happier note…

Once I got to Europe, I had a blast! And, I will be doing my first full Trip Report and try to post daily!

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