In Berlin at the Reichstag building, where Germany’s parliament is housed, there is a dome that serves as a tourist attraction. You get to visit the Reichstag dome, and learn a bit of history on a 20 minute audio guide that also tells you all about the buildings in Berlin’s skyline as you walk up and circle around the dome.

The Reichstag Dome is Free?

That’s right! Visiting the dome is absolutely free! It’s recommended that you request tickets online, which is what I did!

On the website, you can pick a time and day to visit the dome! As far as I could tell, you can start reserving up to a month in advance. I procrastinated a bit, and looked only two weeks before my trip. Luckily, there were still slots open!

If you can’t find a time that fits, you can still go to the Reichstag the day of and see if any tickets are left. The dome is open from 8am-Midnight (Last entrance at 10pm).

There is also a restaurant as well, and information about reservations is available on their website too.

My Review:

My trip to the dome was quite enjoyable! First, as you arrive you have to go through metal detectors, then go with a group to the main building, then take an elevator to the base of the dome. At this base level you can walk around and take many nice pictures of the city!

You are provided with an audioguide, and it starts as you enter the dome. Just keep walking, the audioguide will follow you! It talks about all the sights you are seeing, and will point out fun facts. Walking around the dome is quite fun! It’s a nice loop that takes you to the top, and sends you back to the bottom. You can walk at your own pace, and heck if you wanted to walk around the dome again, you’re allowed to!


The Verdict:

The dome provides a great view of the city of Berlin! And to top it off it’s free!


Have you visited the Reichstag Dome? Comment below!


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