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Highlights: Paradise Village Beach Resort Nuevo Vallarta

This week-long relaxing timeshare stay was a wonderful break from reality, with better than expected food quality and options, reasonable prices, fun events, and, of course, plenty of timeshare presentations. In the US you can earn up to $150 or so per presentation, but in Mexico, and specifically Puerto Vallarta, depending on your status as a timeshare owner or not, you can earn up to 8,000, even 9,000 pesos, which translates to a whopping $470! A much better deal – and they weren’t nearly as pushy as I originally thought.



The taxi, included in the presentation signup that we made at the airport, dropped us off at checkin. It reminded me strongly of the Luxor Las Vegas, with towers all around, and very high expansive views. To the right is member checkin for owners, and to the left is for non-member guests. After checking in we sat with a team member to validate the presentations from other companies – something they do ostensibly to ensure we aren’t scammed. The friendly agent also sat down, welcomed us with drinks, and talked about the many activities available at the resort.



On the 7th floor, this was a fairly standard room, near the singular elevator. There was a small kitchen area, and a nice view of the pool below. Little to no moldy smell like other instances I have had in Central America/Caribbean, so that was a plus. Quality of the room was decent, and it was equipped with ceiling fans, AC, and terribly slow but barely functional internet.



This place is filled with families and tourists. They have several pools, a fitness center, spa, tennis courts, small zoo, and activities centers on property. It’s also situated on the beach so you can walk to the Pacific, and a short jaunt to their larger fitness center with kids play area. There’s also a small strip mall near the property they own, so their shuttles can take you there.



Food was surprisingly good, and reasonably priced (when converted to US at about 20 MXN to the dollar. On property we ate at Il Pescatore, their Italian restaurant, twice, as well as their local café once. The café hosts fun evening activities like dance shows, karaoke, trivia, etc.


In the resort-owned strip mall, I availed myself of McDonalds, but there wasn’t much that was country-specific. Additionally, we also ate at a seafood place on the second floor.

Outside the property, we ate once in downtown Puerto Vallarta, as well as a small restaurant about 5 minutes drive from Paradise Village, which came highly reviewed on Yelp. Expect a lot of seafood and Italian in cuisine.



Interestingly, They have a larger resort club that’s maybe 5-10 minutes shuttle ride from the main towers, as well as a small fitness center next to their spa a minute’s walk from towers. Also, both are plenty large, equipped with cardio, weight racks, and machines.



Haven’t been to Mexico for about a year and a half, and visiting another resort town (compared to Cabo San Lucas last time) was nice. While I did not explore the area or city as much, I did have a great time with my in-laws and lady playing cards and relaxing. It was a good break from home life.

Also, I enjoyed the low-stress timeshare presentations I attended, where I earned 4,000 pesos at a competing property, and 3,500 at Paradise Village. Both were under two hours, and not stressful at all. These funds covered the food, taxis, as well as some casino play for me. Made 11 USD, even after their inane fees. The casino is located close to the strip mall next to the property, so the hotel shuttles will take you there as well. It’s perhaps a 5-7 minute walk away from the lobby, but is small and slightly depressing. Lastly, I would definitely come back here, and hopefully get an upgrade to suite next time!



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