I helped my friend plan a wonderful getaway to Park MGM earlier in the month to take advantage of the Luxury Hotel & Resorts Collection deals – as low as $81 per night, which includes $60 for 2 breakfasts at Primrose and $100 food credit! Fantastic deal, especially when you factor in that resort fee is included! In exchange, I got plenty of food photos for my blog.



I have taken advantage of this deal, which only requires a participating Chase credit card, plenty of times before. For Park MGM, it used to be $50 food credit, but they bumped that recently to $100! In addition, the price includes tax, and also the resort fee – something not expected.

Example of benefits is below – fantastic price. Of course, I could get comped rooms through my play and through MyVegas, but I also need to pay for a few nights to activate most premium MyVegas rewards (such as free play) so investing $80 for $160 of food is a no brainer.

a screenshot of a advertisement

LRHC for Park MGM



Unfortunately, the F&B credit was limited to Park MGM and owned properties only, which was cut even further by COVID and only what is open. That meant Eataly (which was half open), Bavette’s Steakhouse (in the evenings), and Primrose (for breakfast). No La La Noodle (how sad), and no Best Friend (also an excellent choice). Perhaps when I go in the new year these places will reopen.



Even within Eataly, only a few places were open, with only La Pizza & La Pasta available for sit-down. Lots of fast casual with high-tops for seating, sanitized routinely.

La Pizza & La Pasta


Fast Casual Sandwiches, Fried Foods


Patisserie & Gelato!


Bavette’s Steakhouse

Unfortunately the steak photo didn’t come through, but you can check out the delicious oysters and sides!



The LHRC deal comes with $30 per person breakfast valid at Primrose, for dine in or take out.



Three days at $80/day cost $240, in exchange for $480 of free food, in addition to another $100+ from various customer service issues. Excellent investment!

As always, I taught the ways of advantage play, so I was able to live vicariously through their big wins as well. Fantastic spread of food, and I hope to return once this nonsense is all over. Wear a mask, be socially distant, and stay safe.



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