HIGHLIGHTS: Restaurant Locavore & Locavore To-Go

During my amazing stay in Ubud, Bali, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a top-tier restaurant in Locavore. The first day we had some amazing lunch at Locavore To-Go – their fast casual restaurant, where their burgers were pricey but fantastic. We also enjoyed a longer, multi-course dinner at Locavore the next day, which was a wonderful experience. It reminded me of my experiences in the States at places like Atelier Crenn and French Laundry – with many small dishes each with very select ingredients.

My standard restaurant reviews include a breakdown by the following topics. Feel free to skip to whichever section you find most interesting. This post sponsored by Leatherman – all opinions expressed are my own.

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Both restaurants are a couple blocks apart, with Locavore To-Go a casual establishment, with a separate butcher area and meats on display. Locavore was a more formal restaurant, with the kitchen in full view and busy chefs and staff running about. Wonderful vibe.


In Locavore, we were initially seated at the bar area – where you can see the chefs working. Very cool vibe. Because it’s a prefix menu and set per day, we could see them making courses both before and after ours, so we could get a good sense of what was coming.



Locavore To-Go only had a couple patrons eating when we went in, and same with Locavore – small parties and couples mostly. Since Locavore is a set menu it was very useful to see what courses came next by spying on the neighboring tables and staff as they went by. Note that initially we were seated right next to the Locavore serving bar, we were hit with the heat lamps, making it super uncomfortable for myself. Thankfully, a server noticed and offered to switch us to another table, so that was greatly appreciated.



Locavore To-Go’s menu reminded me of a burger or meat chain in the US, and I really appreciated the free wifi – and found the note advising us to talk to others instead funny. Prices were subject to 10% tax and 7.5% service charge, and with the rate of 1,000 IDR to 0.07 USD, it was quite reasonable. I got the Burger A La Ray, double patty, 300 grams or about 10.5 ounces of meat, for 159K, and a side of fries.


Locavore’s preset menu was interesting – with some overlaps between the two Herbivore and Locavore menus. Tax of 10% and Service of 11% was added, and with our water and one of each six-course menu, the total cost of 2.2M IDR came to about $154 USD – definitely a pricey meal for two, but a great experience to have.



We didn’t order any drinks but there were some very detailed drink menus in the section above! At Locavore, they charged 49K for a big bottle of water. While it was super hot in the restaurant, charging for water I feel is just extraneous, so that never leaves a good feeling.



Each menu had several different types of appetizers. The herbivore had Citrus and Tofu, while the Locavore had Broccoli and Corn. I remember the corn fritter to be very good. Between my wife and I, we swapped dishes as we do every time, to experience both menus equally. We didn’t end up having any appetizers at Locavore To-Go.


Locavore To-Go had a very interesting burger – stacked high, hard to eat, but pretty good from what I remember. The lady had the reuben, which was also very good. We enjoyed the fries as a side, nice, hot, and crispy, as well as a decent portion.


Locavore’s Entrees had such interesting names from both menus, with a range of Cassava, Tomato, Jicama, Carrot, Snapper, and Chicken dishes.



So many varieties of desserts! Both menus had palm sugar and caramel gelato, which were quite delicious. We also enjoyed the assorted chocolates served in a mancala board with a nice handy sheet to tell us what they were.



This was a wonderful time, from great service, to a high-quality dining experience across a variety of small courses. Locavore was highly rated, and Locavore To-Go was a great first meal to have in Bali. I’m really pleased and would certainly go back especially during a special occasion.



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