Points Miles and Bling

Anshul was a hyper mobile professional, traveling across 5 continents, to recruit international students for Canada. Now he travels on miles and points and loves to share his personal travel gaffes and triumphs.

Three reasons why you should not liquidate points and miles, yet

With so much in flux, it’s hard to define a strategy around points and miles. Especially when most decisions are based on fear and speculation of airlines and other travel operators going under. Every travel group I am part of, is buzzing with discussions around a ‘strategy’ in these uncertain times, including liquidating account balances. While I am presenting reasons to not liquidate your account balances, this obviously does not apply to readers that may be cash strapped and liquidating may be their only way to ‘put food on the table’. Liquidating miles and points means purchasing gift cards...

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Hilton 100% bonus is back, purchase points at 0.5 CPM!

  Hilton’s back with a 100% bonus on purchase of 10,000 points or more. This is as good an opportunity to top up accounts towards a redemption or buy points outright for a planned stay. Hilton 100% bonus is available until May 27, 2020.  HILTON 100% BONUS ON POINTS PURCHASE Purchase Hilton Points with 100% bonus With this promotion you can purchase as little as 10K points for $100 or as much as 320K points for $1600! Note that you can purchase up to 160,000 Hilton Honors Points in a calendar year, not including the bonus. Since you can combine points...

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Last Chance: Marriott Bonvoy points sale ends tonight, buy at 0.83 CPP

  Marriott Bonvoy points sale promotion, a 50% bonus when buying 2000 points or more, ends tonight, 11:59 PM ET March 25, 2020. Given the lockdown, it is hard to justify buying points with the future uncertain. I view Marriott Bonvoy points as transferable currency, much like MR points, and use most of it by transferring to airline miles. If you are the same, this sale would make sense to top-up your accounts. Marriott Bonvoy Points Sale – Get 50% More points Purchase Bonvoy points with 50% bonus The 50% bonus applies when purchasing 2000 points or more and...

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Best Credit Cards for Groceries in Canada (2020)

  Now that most of us are practicing social distancing and relying on grocery stores to replenish our day-to-day needs, I figured it would be a good exercise to revise my list of best credit cards for groceries in 2020. In determining the best cards, I focused on cards perks that can be used towards non-travel redemptions. In fact, the best cards in this category are ones that offer both options, cashback and travel points. In order to calculate a yearly value for each card, I assumed a monthly spend of $1000 in groceries. Here is my list of...

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Review: Moxy NYC Chelsea hotel is a lot more than your standard Moxy experience

I have to be honest, as a Marriott Bonvoy brand, Moxy has really grown on me. After dismissing it initially as a hipster brand that was trying too hard, I now embrace it for the uniqueness and eccentricity of each location. Moxy NYC Chelsea is a boutique hotel located in the iconic flower district and embodies its local NewYork-Italian heritage. With a full service Italian restaurant, a Pizza Bar, an Italian themed Cafe, and two bars including The Fleur Room – a cocktail lounge on the 35th floor offering sweeping 360° views of the city, Moxy NYC Chelsea is a...

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COVID-19: Revised Advisory for Travel to India, all visas suspended until April 15, 2020

Given that all my family lives in India, I have been following the COVID-19 developments fairly closely. India’s response to the pandemic has been measured and calculated. Today’s announcement of the Revised Advisory for Travel to India  seems to reflect that the emergency response has shifted gears rather intensely, with blanket suspension of Visas for Indian and foreign nationals. The new travel restrcitions from India will come into effect on March 13, 2020.  Airlines will certainly respond to this revised advisory by reducing the frequency of flight services to the country, I expect announcements will start flowing in the next...

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The hidden 10k bonus with Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card

  On March 2nd, Scotiabank announced a new offer on Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card, with a welcome bonus of 30,000 Scotia Rewards points ($300 in value). This new offer focused entirely on the increased bonus and highlighted the potential first year travel value. However, the additional 10,000 bonus points ($100 in value) when Cardmembers spend at least $40,000 annually in everyday purchases, was left out in the Terms and Conditions of the card. The new bonus offer with the additional 10K bonus adds up to $400 towards travel! Include the no foreign exchange fee, complimentary lounge access (~$200 in...

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8 Marriott Luxury properties that are Bonvoy Category 2!

  Yesterday, I published my review of Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa, a Bonvoy Category 2 property that was one the the most luxurious experiences I have had. As someone that constantly scans for the ‘best value’ on all redemptions, I figured it would be a good exercise to find other gems in the Marriott Luxury Brands that were Bonvoy category 1 or 2. The quick answer to my exercise: Zero Luxury Brand property at Category 1, but I discovered 8 Marriott Luxury properties that are Bonvoy Category 2. Perhaps unsurprisingly, six were in Asia, and one each in Europe and South...

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Marriott Bonvoy points sale, buy points at 0.83 cents a piece

  Marriott recently announced their most attractive Marriott Bonvoy points sale promotion yet, a 50% bonus when buying 2000 points or more. The sale is available until March 25, 2020. So, how good is this sale and should you purchase Marriott Bonvoy points? Marriott Bonvoy Points Sale – Get 50% More points Purchase Bonvoy points with 50% bonus The 50% bonus applies when purchasing 2000 points or more and translates to 0.833 cents per point, which makes this the best points purchase promotion we have seen from Marriott.  The purchase limit has been doubled from 50,000 to 100,000 for...

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A cat-2, 5-Star Resort Review: Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa, India

My last trip to India in December 2019, had me exploring the sights and sounds of Rajasthan. Our itinerary included a couple of days each in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Jaipur. The city of Jaisalmer is popularly known as ‘The Golden City’, derived from for its architecture built in yellow sandstone, was the first of our stops on this trip. For our stay, we chose the  palatial property of Jaisalmer Marriott Resort & Spa. In line with the city’s character, this property gets its distinct features from the yellow sandstone used to build the property. Booking and getting there The...

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