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Black Friday always makes me think of that day nearly a decade ago, where I tried to stay up for some bonkers early sale and pull an all-nighter – having never done so before or since. I failed in that respect, napping in the car in the parking lot as my friends waited in line to enter. Of course, corona won’t have any physical shopping, so all of Black Friday this time should be online (or most of it, at least). I want to be sure to stag real savings for things that I need.

I’ve been keeping an eye on black friday deals for several key places, one of which is for Verizon Wireless, my current carrier. As I’m on a family plan, it may be more expensive for me to opt out and sign up for my own individual plan, but perhaps an upgrade in phone is in order. My iPhone 6S has served me well for the past 4+ years, but if I start my own business (which I am in the process of doing) I could write off the purchase of a phone as a business expense, making it more attractive!

Black Friday is still 3+ weeks away, but looking ahead of what to expect is essential. Most likely, it will be similar to what was on promotion last year.

For me, Slickdeals is a great way to find, well, a slick deal. I check it a few times a week for anything I could think of – food promotions, tech, travel, and more. Saving money is the name of the game and it does a good, user-submitted job of making it easy for people to save on what they’re looking for.




While the deals aren’t announced yet, they should be posted quickly after an official announcement/release. For now, we can glean from last year’s promotions, where people saved $400 off the newest Androids and iPhones. Of course, as the years go on, the prices of phones go up and up (and up!) so now, a $1,000 phone is the norm, which to me is absolutely bizarre.
Verizon had a BOGO for iPhone XR last year, so perhaps they will have something similar for the iPhone 12 this year. Or, like many of the other cellular chains, they’ll give massive savings on a trade-in of your old phone. My phone is OLD, so I doubt I’ll get much more than a few bucks for my relic. Better off to hold on to it as a backup, I think.
Samsung had a great deal as well – saving $750 off the Galaxy Note 10 and S10 when switching to a Verizon Unlimited plan. I don’t think I need that level of data due to my historical reticence on using LTE and relying more heavily on wifi and hotspots, but for those who switch they should see good deals during 2020’s Black Friday sale.



I’ll also need some new iPads, not only because I lost my personal one, but for the business as well. Pairing it with an iPhone purchase may save me a bunch as when I bought it four years ago. Last year, the iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air were up to $200 off – look forward to seeing if it will be the same this year.
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Aggregate Coupons & Deals

Slickdeals does a good job of aggregating deals – by most recent, best, and key price points of $25 and $50. Keep an eye out on this page for valuable deals and coupons.



I look forward to seeing what kind of deals I can expect. I’m looking for a new iPhone, and while I will be sad to move from my 6s to a larger, fatter phone, I expect much more out of it and I assume I’ll get used to it quickly. Goal for me is getting that iPhone as cheap as possible, and seeing if I can write off a new phone plan as a business expense while switching off from my family plan. Definitely something for me to keep in mind!

Be sure to check out the page at https://slickdeals.net/coupons/verizon-wireless/black-friday-deals/ to stay on top of what are the hottest deals. I’ll probably end up spending several thousand on new tech, but hope it will be worth it.



Sponsored – this review is sponsored by Slickdeals

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