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It’s been a long while since I’ve posted, since all travel has been shot! However, I got an inquiry to test out some cool Buckwheat pillows from Pinetales and have them on a local camping trip! It compares favorably to two pillows I currently own – memory foam and poly-fiber. It’s definitely firmer than both, but you can adjust and modulate a buckwheat pillow to your liking. They are also currently running a summer sale – 30% off everything, no promo code required. Read on for more details!



I purchased the full-sized Japanese version of the Designer Buckwheat Pillow – found here – for $100. After Summer sale discount, it’s $70. It came in two sizes – Japanese at 14″ x 20″ and Standard 20″ x 26″, which is $20 additional (pre-discount). It comes in a unique designer bamboo pillowcase which is quite soft. Note that the pillowcase is not pre-washed, so be sure to unzip and wash them before use. You can see the buckwheat inside the inside layer, which makes it fully adjustable – you can customize how ‘lumpy’ or soft the pillow is, by scaling the amount of buckwheat! An adjustable pillow is news to me – I didn’t realize those existed. It comes with easy to understand instructions as well, so you can make those adjustments.


I also purchased the travel sized pillow, found here, which was, as you’d expect, slightly smaller. It’s 10″ x 14″, for $50. $35 after summer sale discount!



Their site is easy to navigate and use. Additionally, purchasing was straightforward. Payment is processed through Shopify, with express checkout options for ShopPay, Google Pay, and Paypal. It was a quick and expedient process. I purchased on Tuesday, and it shipped Wednesday, arriving Saturday.



It was also nice to know that the pillows are made in the USA – supporting local manufacturing whenever possible is always a plus. I also found out more about Buckwheat – that they are the mainstay of Japanese pillows, and have health benefits, such as longer lifespan (of the pillow), cooling ability for your head, and breathability. That is very useful for the hot summers in my place without air conditioning!

Also, the lady took it out camping – and it was an excellent addition to her pack! Easily transportable and comfortable to boot.


a backpack with a pillow on top of it

Camping with Pinetales!



Sponsored – this review is sponsored by Pinetales via their marketing team. 

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