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HIGHLIGHTS: MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

My stay at MGM Grand, through the Crown & Anchor Society, was an interesting experience. Their ridiculous $30+tax per night resort fee was paired with favorable hotel rates and a $150 food & beverage credit. Due to some miscommunication on their end, a small issue in my room, and my negotiation ability, I was able to get two off-peak weekday nights for under $95 – and free $150 credit to food. Highlights include some decent food, some bad food, and not much else. It was an okay time, and I would not stay here again without sufficient incentive.



During National Finals Rodeo, expect to see lots of cowboys and similar attire. Very fascinating, this sub-group of American culture. They put a gigantic cowboy hat on the MGM lion decorating the lobby area. Check-in was smooth, although they were unable to upgrade me. They also confirmed my $150 food & beverage credit as part of my stay, however they neglected to communicate what it covers (only a few establishments). Thus, this was definitely an issue later in my stay.



A basic King room, it looked recently remodeled. However, the desk lamp had a broken and dislocated plug, which had exposed wiring. MGM’s engineering department was unable to replace it, and I wanted to inform them so it could be fixed for the next guest. Also, the internet was poor at times and inconsistent.



Lots and lots of cowboys & cowgirls. This casino seemed to cater to both young millenials, with its Level Up Bar, VR game ($50, are you kidding me), and skill-based slots, while also placating the old lifers who take up all the casino floor space and destroy years of their lives and the lives of others with their putrid cigarette and cigar smoke. Quite an interesting dynamic. I have been here previously with friends, but only to visit Hakkasan and the like.



This could be its own section, as I had to find a way to spend $150 including tax, but excluding gratuity, with just me, someone who can eat once per day and be fine. Note there is no refrigerator in the room, so there was a lot of waste (I’m sorry).


Wolfgang Puck

First, I had a MyVegas coupon for $25 off two entrees at the Wolfgang establishment in MGM Grand. I had a burger with sweet potato fries and pepperoni pizza. The burger was thick and juicy, and the pizza was just falling part and of poor consistency. At $17 it was not worth it. The waiter offered to take off the pizza and save my coupon but then I’d have to pay more out of pocket. I should have pushed harder, nobody should ever have to deal with pizza like that.



Dinner that evening was at Emeril’s in MGM, for a $34 Short Rib entrée. It was decent, although of course not worth the cost. I would recommend looking at the Tix4Tonight dining card if you intend to eat here more than once – $5 saves you 20% for a week here, and different amounts at other places. I came back to eat at Emeril’s a couple more times, as they have excellent breads & butter, happy hour (grilled/broiled oysters), and an average quality lunch. The lobster roll’s had good bread, but a low amount of lobster and weird sauce that threw off the taste.


Breakfast at the food court.

Food Court

Their breakfast food court options vary as all the places sell some breakfast foods. I opted for biscuits and gravy which were decent.


The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar

This Chinese and Japanese cuisine serves passable fried rice, the staple of which I judge all Chinese restaurants. At $19, it was roughly in line in terms of pricing to other entrees.


Grand Wok fried rice – Devoured!


To the Spa / Gym


The gym here is a far, far walk from the towers, as expected, but had a nice open view of a second floor of something else above. It was fun imagining a gunfight and optimal firing and covering positions, something I do more than I probably should.



Lots of discussion was had the last day and with the agents at the front desk. I was not informed adequately about the policies involving the food credit, and I was not going to be charged for food I did not want and ordered only to use the credit. They agreed to cover it by waving my resort fees for both nights and thus I only ended up spending about $95 total. It was an okay time at the MGM Grand – something to cross off my Vegas list of hotels.


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