In my previous article, I talk about the basics and history of advantage play. I also walk through the analysis of the first game, Plants vs. Zombies. This post will go through the detail on the second game, Adventures of Sinbad, and our overall experience on it. The last post in the advantage play series will review the final game and the future of these games.


Game 2: Adventures of Sinbad

More commonly known as Sinbad, this game is produced by Azure Gaming and a bit older. We discovered it also on our first trip to Vegas together, where my lady figured it out successfully. We also found it in Cal-Neva in Reno, along with Plants vs Zombies.

a screenshot of a video game

This is what the game looks like. From Azure Gaming


Bonus Meter - with two of three monsters defeated. From Azure Gaming

Bonus Meter – with two of three monsters defeated. From Azure Gaming

Visible Bonus Meter

This is a two player game, with two separate bonus meters. At the top of the combined screen, players can see three monsters standing before the jackpot: the Skeleton, the Snake, and the Cyclops. By defeating these monsters, you have a chance to spin for the jackpot.  This typically starts at $500 and increases as play continues. Rarely have I seen the jackpot over $600.



Example of Adventure Time. By Azure Gaming

Example of Adventure Time. By Azure Gaming

By spinning and collecting three Adventure Time symbols, players spin a wheel to advance on the map between one and six spaces. When you land on a monster, you do battle for a chance to win credits. If you beat all three, you spin for a chance at a jackpot.

The dominant strategy for rational players is to target the game when two of the three monsters have been defeated, and the third monster (Cyclops) is close to the player on the map. This presents better odds of hitting the jackpot than having no monsters defeated and all of them far away on the map.

Optimal Strategy – Play when two of three monsters are defeated and Cyclops is close to player on the map.



There are several caveats to this game, which players must be aware of.

  • You can overshoot the roll. If the Cyclops is three spaces away, you may roll more than three spaces and have to wait for a Cyclops further on the map
  • You can land the roll, and not beat the Cyclops. The monster battles are random and not guaranteed. I have seen players not press the button yet still win.
  • You can land the roll, beat the Cyclops, and not hit the jackpot. You merely get a chance to win. For a 50 cent roll, the options are: $5, $10, $30, $50, $100, and the Jackpot. Still a good return for investment! Your results may vary per machine or casino.

Sadly, all three of these options have happened to me at least once.


Example of Jackpot amounts for a 50 cent spin. By Azure Gaming.

Example of Jackpot amounts for a 50 cent spin. By Azure Gaming.


Defeating the monsters will net a return of 5-8x the bet. Spinning the Jackpot returns between 10x and 1000+x the bet! My lady has won the jackpot before, which made me aware of this game.


Location & Outside the Game

Because this is an older game, I usually see it in mid to lower-tier casinos, such as Casino Royale in Vegas. Similar to Plants vs. Zombies, it is tall and easy to see on a casino floor. These were not hunted by Las Vegas locals, and it is a wonderful way to pass the time.



This setup is very different compared to Plants vs Zombies because it is less of a sure thing, due to all the caveats mentioned. Because Sinbad is a low-cost game, with bet sizes ranging from 50 cents to $5, you could sit here a while and not be up or down too much. The last article will talk the last game, my overall experience, and the future of these games.


Featured image from pixabay of slots in Las Vegas, by John Schnobrich. For a more detailed report of Sinbad by the maker,  Azure Gaming, click here


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