On December 29, 2017 United flight 809 (Tail #N427UA) from Santa Ana, CA to Denver departed at 4PM Pacific initially out over the Pacific Ocean then turned right to cross over Newport Beach.

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Source: FlightAware

It was at about this time when a fuel cap from the Airbus A320 fell from the aircraft and pierced an elderly man’s car hood just as he was backing out of his driveway. The man was unharmed, but the car was not so fortunate.

a gas cap on a car

Source: AvHerald

As pointed out on View From The Wing, the FAA issued a safety bulletin in late 2016 related to Airbus fuel caps as apparently the issue of separating caps is not rare.

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Yes, go ahead and inspect those fuel caps at your earliest convenience. Good thing nobody on the ground is at risk of GETTING THEIR HEAD TAKEN OFF.


(H/T: The Aviation Herald)