At the start of the widebody era in 1970, airlines came up with all sorts of options to use the extra space onboard. Continental Airlines decided to install things like a pub, video games and lounges on their Douglas DC-10 fleet.

Other airlines like PSA had a lower deck lounge on their Lockheed TriStar, Pan Am operated a first class dining room upstairs on the jumbo and even Philippine Airlines installed first class beds on the upper deck of the Boeing 747. All very good, but all consigned to history in favour of more seats.

A Pub And Other Fun on Continental

TV advertising is a great source when it comes to knowing the airline products of yesteryear. I’ve written before about some commercials made in Australia for the domestic airline TAA. They’re usually good fun.

Continental Airlines is no exception and below you’ll find a vintage television commercial lasting for one minute. It shows all the amenities available on their DC-10.

There’s a four seat first class lounge with an assorted buffet, the pub is back in coach (where did it go?) which also features electronic pub Pong. I think it’s the same video game that features in the movie Airport ’77.

It’s fun to see “the best of the old time serials” being played at no charge on the movie screens, along with old Newsreels and interviews. Looks like they were trying to show content that didn’t cost them much!

Overall Thoughts

I always enjoy seeing the facilities offered by airlines in the past. The beginning of the widebody era is especially fascinating as the space was used in a completely different way when compared to today.

The closest we will get to a pub on board are the bars that feature on the Qatar Airways and Emirates Airbus A380s. Lounges still appear on the Qantas Airbus A380 as well, but mainly people sit in their seats and have entertainment on screen in front of them. Things have changed, but maybe not all that much!

What did you think of the Continental Airlines TV commercial? Did you ever fly on them back then and use the pub, first class lounge or even the video games? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Jon Proctor on via Wikimedia Commons.