I deliberately chose a long layover at London Heathrow Airport to use the British Airways Arrivals Lounge. I’ve only visited an arrivals lounge once before, the Aer Lingus Revival Lounge in Dublin, and I found this to be a different beast entirely.

A little known fact is that this lounge features the ability to have a bath. Yes, that’s right, I have officially levelled up as a frequent flyer, having taken a swim in a tub post flight. It really is something else!

Lounge Access and Hours

The lounge is located after baggage claim, on the level above there and it’s easy to find thanks to the airport signage. It is open daily from 5am through to 2pm.

Access is granted to those arriving off British Airways flights in First Class or Club World. Those with Gold status or higher in the British Airways Executive Club may also use the facility, regardless of class of travel. Nobody else is permitted access.


It’s quite a spacious and comfortable facility, it has to be said. Back when this terminal was built, it was a bit of a no expense spared type deal and this is still reflected in here.

The only part not accessible to most is the Concorde Dining Room, which offers à la carte service for passengers in First class only. The majority of the rest is taken up with the shower facilities.

Heading to a Cabana for a Bath!

While looking a bit lost, a staff member approached and I asked if I could have a bath. She looked perplexed and replied, “You mean a shower?” to which I responded, “No, a bath – apparently you have baths here.” I was sceptically sent off to the shower desk where I asked again.

The look I received could best be described as weary resignation, but he asked me to sit down and he’d be with me shortly. On his return, I was directed to Cabana number one. Inside, I found exactly what I was looking for!

Quite frankly, the tub is gigantic and could probably fit two (petite!) people comfortably. Turning on the tap, I immediately realised this was going to take some time, so I left it to fill while I brushed my teeth and got out my products.

Eventually I sank into the deep water and relaxed for a bit, before washing up, drying, shaving and getting changed. Since I don’t have a bathtub at home, it’s always a bit of a treat when I come across one. It was really quite decadent!

Second Breakfast Time

Once done, I headed back to the breakfast area for some food. It was all quite sparse, as the usual spreads are not put out at the moment, as you need to order via the QR code on each table.

When I pulled up the menu, I found it quite extensive. You could elect to eat quite lightly, or go the whole hog and really eat your fill to set you up for the day ahead.

Once I saw the options, I realised I really shouldn’t have eaten on the flight as this is a much better selection all round. I ended up ordering a porridge and a Bucks Fizz, plus I nabbed a pain au chocolat from the Danish selection.

All of that was quite nice and the service was quick and friendly. The American people in front of me ordered what seemed like the full breakfast and that looked great!

The Rest Of The Lounge

There used to be an Elemis Spa in the lounge, but that contract is now over. The space is still there though, looking like it is just waiting to be used.

Further on are the toilets and a work area with TVs. It’s all just like a normal lounge, but I would be curious to know how much it’s used, now Wi-Fi is available on British Airways flights.

Overall Thoughts

The British Airways Arrivals Lounge was a very pleasant surprise. I had expected less quite frankly, so it was nice to see so many things to do and eat. Most people probably just swing in for a shower and a quick bite before heading into London, so I’m curious as to how much it’s used.

Having a bath in an airline lounge really is a luxury and it’s well worth it. You do need to have quite some time available, as it takes forever to fill. Perhaps bring a book or something to help pass the time. Either way, it really is a must do at least once. The taps need some renovation as the one at the basin sprays water everywhere if you’re not careful. Now I understand the resigned look from the attendant, as I assume he would be responsible for cleaning it all up.

I would probably skip breakfast on the plane if you have the time after landing to eat here as well. An inflight omelette is always going to be less than what you can get on the ground here. All in all, can’t wait to visit again!

What do you think of the British Airways Arrivals Lounge at London Heathrow? Have you had a bath there or in another lounge somewhere? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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