The Boeing 747 was the first widebody airliner, followed closely by the Douglas DC-10 which took its first flight on 29 August 1970. More successful than the competing Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, the Long Beach produced aircraft sold 386 examples, with the last one being handed over to Nigeria Airways in 1989.

Unfortunately the Douglas DC-10 had a poor reputation due to a number of high profile accidents during its career. Some were attributed to design flaws, while others were just bad luck. The FAA went so far as to withdraw the certificate of airworthiness, grounding the aircraft for five weeks in 1979.

Douglas DC-10 Video

Following on from last weeks excellent video on the Tupolev Tu-114, this week we cross back to the United States for a look at the DC-10. Below is an excellent video from the Mustard channel on YouTube that runs a little under ten minutes.

Regular readers will know I have already covered the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in a “Does anyone remember” article from September last year. The video from Mustard above came out three weeks later (much to my chagrin!). Since I like their videos quite a lot, you get to see it this week.

Overall Thoughts

Regardless of the reputation the DC-10 garnered through the unfortunate series of accidents, it did provide stellar service to many airlines around the world. FedEx still operate the aircraft for their freight services, testament to the longevity of the product.

When I visited the United States in 1991, I was lucky enough to fly on both the United Airlines DC-10-10 and DC-10-30. I remember the flights specifically because I felt sick on both flights and I don’t usually feel sick when flying.

Have you flown on the DC-10 before? What did you think of the video? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by GeorgeM757 on Flickr.