On this trip to Cleveland I decided to stay at Metropolitan at the 9 as it was winter and prices had come down. It is directly across the road from the Kimpton Schofield, where I had laid my head to rest on two previous visits.

The room cost me around €200 per night and I stayed twice, at the start and finish of a trip to Miami to see friends. It turned out to be a good choice.


Arriving at the hotel, I proceeded through the revolving doors and headed to check-in. Both times friendly attendants sorted out my room key without fuss.

The elevators are fun. You select your floor outside on a touch screen, then you’re directed to elevator A or D or whatever and in you go and up you go. I’d never encountered these types before, so that was interesting.

Room One

My first room turned out not to have a large couch, instead there were two comfy chairs to sit on. Inside was a lovely big bed festooned with pillows as well as everything else you’d expect inside.

I found the decor to be quite pleasant and the bed was very comfortable. I mainly slept before having to head off the next day, so it was all pretty perfect.

Breakfast at Centro

In the lobby, there is a restaurant called Centro which is quite decent. I headed down for breakfast before my flight and had a very nice latte and some food.

Service was friendly and relatively quick, and there were several other guests enjoying the hospitality. Breakfast was really nice and healthy which set me up for the day.

Room Two

When I returned, I was given a different room, which had the couch that I expected. That meant I could laze around reading a book, chilling after a busy visit to Miami.

I popped downstairs to Heinan’s grocery store to pick up some supplies and then spent all my time relaxing. There are plenty of channels on the TV, so I had a nice little two night break to myself.

Metropolitan at the 9 Room Service

Naturally enjoying my isolation, I decided on room service. That is something that the Kimpton Schofield across the road does not offer, so I was quite looking forward to it. I had dinner one night and breakfast both mornings.

Staff shortages meant that one morning my breakfast took ages to arrive. When it did, I was happy, then not long after they tried to deliver someone else’s food to me. No real bother, except for the wait, but it all worked out in the end.

Overall Thoughts

Metropolitan at the 9 is well located in downtown. It is a 10 minute walk – if that – to Tower City, which is where the city centre train is that whisked me to and from the airport.

With the gloriously comfortable couch and snooze inducing bed, not to mention the tasty, tasty food, I was very happy with my stay. It will be a hard choice between this and the Kimpton next time I’m in Ohio.

Have you stayed at Metropolitan at the 9 in Cleveland before? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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