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View from the outside.

View from the outside.


Experience the LINQ Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

This was a wonderful experience at the LINQ, a recently remodeled property that used to be the Quad and Imperial Palace. It’s been completely revamped, cleaned, and improved, which impressed me with its layout. Although it did have the strong Vegas musk of smoke everywhere, it was a pleasant time and I look forward to returning!



The Checkin is well within the property walls should you enter from either the south or north entrance. If you’re coming in from the main entrance, the diamond lounge is on the right, with regular check-in on the left. Again, using my VIP Access card courtesy of Starwood Platinum, I was able to secure a room before the typical 3pm check in time. No issues, but no complimentary upgrades as well, simply a regular pool-view room.



Having previously stayed in the Imperial Palace, the remodeled LINQ rooms were a significant upgrade, with a clean, sharp demeanor and soothing color palate. However, my “pool-view room” may have been on too high a floor to actually have a pool view. If you squint hard at just the right angle, you can see cabanas on the bottom of the view, to assume the existence of a pool.

Energized about my previous resort fee being waved at the Rio, I called the front desk to inform them of this, at which point they offered me a $30 food credit good for particular Total Rewards establishments. I asked about getting the resort fee waived, but they said they could only do one or the other. Given the choice between $30 off specific food in a future purchase, or $30+tax off a mandatory fee, there was no thinking required. Another $33 saved!

Additionally, the bathroom was interesting to me, with the shower having a black accented marble fixture jutting out of the wall. It did not seem to serve a particular function, yet looked striking stylistically.


Hotel Space / Ambiance

As previously mentioned, the space has been revamped. It’s still located between Flamingo and Harrah’s, on the East side of center Strip, but has a new shopping area with many dining establishments, as well as a new attraction in the High Roller. This massive Ferris Wheel is the tallest in the world and has many 40-seat cabins complete with stocked bars for your drinking entertainment. Within the property, the LINQ has a full liquor store, and thousands of feet in gaming space, with many tables and slot machines. It’s a fun, lively atmosphere, where I saw both young and old.


Food & Drink

When this was the Imperial Palace, I was a huge fan of Hash House a Go Go. Sign up on their website for their email club, to get coupons (including a BOGO dinner on weekdays!) Hash House is an American eatery, known for their huge, huge portions, fried chicken, and breakfast dishes.



I also checked out the gym here. It’s located on the same tower as our hotel room, so I did not have to take a convoluted and laborious route to go work out (thank you Rio). It was located within the Spa on the 7th floor, and has plenty of machines available. As it is Vegas, I doubt you’ll find it ever particularly crowded.



Betting minimums were a quite reasonable $5-10 during the week, so not too exorbitant. Not the cheapest, but still a great place to play. Smoking is quite strong in the casino and floors, which was their only major downside. It’s definitely a place I would come back and stay, due to both the price (free rooms! Just pay resort fee) and convenience (in the middle of the Strip).


Featured image of the bed in LINQ Las Vegas


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