Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the “World’s Busiest Airport” 18 years running. While I think the airport is run efficiently most of the time, over 100 million passengers passed through ATL in 2015, meaning it is consistently PACKED!

ATL Airport - ATP

Standing around at the busy gate looks fun… NOT!

While you may enjoy sitting at the ATL gates with 100 million of your closest friends, I much prefer to escape to an airport lounge – specifically, The Club at ATL!

Why visit The Club at ATL?

With Headquarters in Atlanta, the ATL airport is Delta’s home turf. The Delta presence in ATL is evident – with a Delta SkyClub (or two) in every Concourse! While I appreciate a good SkyClub, I often find myself rebelling against Delta’s ATL reign by flying my one true LUV – Southwest! (Thanks to my ever-valuable Companion Pass!)

Atlanta's Airline - AYP

Delta is and will always be – Atlanta’s Airline!

Unfortunately for me, being a Southwest flyer = no Delta SkyClub!

So what does an Atlanta Southwest flyer in desperate need of an airport lounge do?

Flash my Priority Pass Card and hop in The Club at ATL!

How to Access:

The best part about The Club at ATL is how inclusive it is. Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Lounge Key, Diners Club – all are welcome!

Don’t think you have access to those programs? Think again! Memberships to these programs are often provided by premium credit cards. For instance, if you have any of the following credit cards, you have access to Priority Pass!

Priority Pass - AYP ATL The Club - AYP

The lounge also serves as the Business and First Class airline lounge for international flights by many non-SkyTeam Alliance partners like OneWorld’s Qatar Airways for their ATL – DOH passengers.

Where to Find:

The Club at ATL lounge is located in the ATL International Concourse F. Even if you are flying out of a different terminal/concourse, the ATL airport allows easy access throughout the airport post- security via the Plane Train. For example, Southwest Airlines primarily utilizes Concourse C gates, yet I can take the Plan Train a couple more stops to Concourse F in order to access The Club at ATL.

Hop aboard the Plan Train!

ATL Plane Train - AYP ATL Plane Train #2

Check out the Map of The Club at ATL on the lounge website!


This way to The Club… at ATL!

Once you come up the elevators in Concourse F, look up and you will see the entrance of The Club on the Mezzanine Level.

The Club at ATL - Concourse F - AYP

ATL International Terminal Concourse F

Take the escalator, and make the short walk over to The Club at ATL entrance.

Entrance to The Club ATL - AYP

The Entrance to The Club at ATL!

Make sure to note the time it takes to get between your Concourse and Concourse F so you leave in time to board your flight! If you are a Southwest flyer like me, it should take you approximately 15 minutes to reach your Southwest gate in Concourse C from the Club in Concourse F.

The Lounge:

The Club at ATL is not a large lounge but still has plenty of places to sit – the bar, high-top and low-top tables, and many individual chairs.

The Club at ATL - Seating 1 - AYP The Club at ATL - Seating 2 - AYP

The Club at ATL - Seating 4 - AYP The Club at ATL - High Tops - AYP

The Club does get busy mid-day, but is still a sparsely populated area compared to the bustling ATL Concourses and gates! The last time I visited was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and while the lounge had over 50 people, I had a place to sit, a beer in my hand, and no complaints.

Grab a seat, make it your own, and enjoy some pre-flight moments of zen! And the views aren’t too shabby either – if you enjoy international security lines and the “Fly Delta Jets” sign!

The Club ATL View #2 - AYP The Club ATL View - AYP

The Food and Drink:

The Club at ATL website describes the food and beverage offerings as:

  • Free Snacks and Drinks
  • Free Alcoholic Drinks

I agree with their basic description, but believe that they sell themselves short. Alcoholic drinks are complimentary (though tipping is always nice) and the offerings are not limited to just beer and wine – Bloody Mary’s are a GO! Though I still prefer a cold beer…

The Club at ATL Bar - AYP The Club at AT Beer - AYP

And as far as the food goes, I say it qualifies as somewhere between a snack and a meal. If you are here around lunch time you should be able to satisfy your hunger with the “snack” food offerings no problem!

The Club at ATL Food - AYP The Club at ATL Food Plate - AYP

The Club ATL Food - AYP The Club ATL Popcorn - AYP

As far as the service goes, I’ll settle with pretty good. The front desk is good, the bartenders are great, but sometimes the lounge gets messy and the timeliness of cleaning is lacking.

The Extra Amenities:

Free food, free drinks, what more could you want!? Well if you are interested, The Club at ATL also offers:

  • Telephones (For those who don’t have cell phones…)
  • Wi-fi Access throughout
  • Work Stations / PCs (in the Business Center)
  • Newspapers / Magazines
  • TVs (Flying on Sunday – Are you ready for some NFL football!?)
Club ATL Bar - AYP

Gather round – the game is on!

And if you need them, Shower Facilities for those international passengers coming off a long flight (or for others who just forgot to shower that morning)!

Final Thoughts

The Club at ATL is a great place to escape the busiest airport in the ENTIRE WORLD! While you are there, be sure to grab some pre-flight snacks and drinks!

Overall, the lounge is a middle of the road business class lounge that wins with free alcoholic beverages!

The Club ATL Front Desk - AYP

Welcome to The Club at ATL! Come and stay awhile!

I am in Atlanta and in The (Da) Club at ATL pretty often. And while I and always enjoy the experience…. if I had access to a Delta SkyClub, then I would be there in a heartbeat considering the better food offerings!

Sorry, Club at ATL – no hard feelings!

Have any of you Atlanta flyers experienced The Club at AT?

Until next time… Happy Travels!