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HIGHLIGHTS: Hyatt Place Jacksonville Airport

This was an interesting stay. Typically, Hyatt Places are very predictable – you know what you’re going to get. However, this time, my room reeked of a stale, moldy cigarette smell – twice. On the third room, it smelled like nothing, which was great. It was a frustrating experience, especially late in the evening.  Also, the internet was finicky, sometimes not connecting, but only slowly. I’m not sure why hotels have such a terrible time of either slow or poorly functioning internet, but it blows my mind how frequent problems occur.



Like the Aloft series of hotels, Hyatt Places are standard in their configuration and format, with a dining bar and a rounded checkin table. My platinum gift was two bottles of water – better than nothing, but not much.



View from my room?

This was a basic double queen room. As mentioned in the highlights, it took three tries to find a room that did not smell like damp sock or cigarettes. They offered to comp me a drink or snack from the check-in desk, but I did not need or want anything. Internet was poor, which I suppose I should expect by now. Thankfully, I was only there for a night



I saw some groups of teenagers and some families, but it was late so I could not get a very good read.

A bit sad, really, but it does the job



Their basic continental breakfast met my expectations of a Hyatt Place breakfast. Nothing too out of the ordinary.



The fitness center also met my expectations at a Hyatt Place, and was dead at almost midnight. That’s also not out of the ordinary.

Small as expected!



Nearly a week later, I have still not yet received a call from management about the recurring issue with my room. Not sure when or if I’ll get one, but I did leave my info at the front desk upon checking out. I’d probably not stay here again, unless I cannot find a better Marriott/Starwood hotel. With all the competition, why subject yourself to poor experiences? Life is too short for that.

Note – I ended up calling them myself, at which point they apologized and said nobody passed the note on to the manager, nearly a week later. The final offer was 2,500 Hyatt points, which is less than I expected, but apparently it’s a category 1 hotel so they couldn’t offer me much more. I’d stay there again on the cheap, but don’t expect much.


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