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HIGHLIGHTS: Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando, Autograph Collection

The Grand Bohemian Autograph Collection is located in Orlando’s downtown and business district, away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy areas. Highlights include the posh décor, and comfortability of the bed. I was not able to explore the property as much as I would like, but little tidbits such as the concierge lounge improved my stay.



Lobby is a small desk directly around the corner from the entrance. I forgot to request an upgraded room, but otherwise it was a smooth process. Note that your keycard is required to access the elevator, a common security feature.



This basic king room was adorned with several pieces of artwork, and featured a better-than-average looking bathroom, and a very comfortable bed. The couch area doubled as a separate workstation, which was useful. Internet was spotty and cut out a couple times, and was quite slow. I would prefer Platinums to have their own separate, faster internet.

Room View



Art & Sculpture!

This property caters to professionals, as it hosts plenty of businesspeople which befits its location within the city. The ambiance suited the Autograph Collection – more refined and upscale, following various pieces of artwork and sculptures scattered throughout the property.



The concierge lounge hosts a breakfast ending at 9:30, and was quite small. Breakfast had some surprisingly decent bacon, and a charcuterie board, but was otherwise average for a continental. I am not sure if they have evening snacks and drinks but was unable to partake.

Club Lounge Breakfast


I did have many meals delivered to the property, and found that the delivery drivers may just leave the food with the front desk for you to pickup. Not sure if that’s part of the tip?



The fitness center at the Grand Bohemian was very small for the property size. I would guess a couple hundred rooms, all sharing maybe 6 cardio machines, a couple weight machines, and a weight rack. It was sufficient and not crowded when I went, but then again I go at the most dead times.



This hotel is located right off a highway, but is on a one way street which requires drivers to loop around. I would love to come back and try their various restaurants, which are favorably reviewed on yelp. Perhaps next time I will be able to explore and enjoy the Grand Bohemian more.


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