In a release to the press, Hawaiian Airlines said it plans to start nonstop flights between Honolulu, Hawaii, and Long Beach, California, starting end of May, on its new Airbus A321neo aircraft.


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The plane seats under 200 passengers, and leaves Honolulu 12:30pm and arrives in Long Beach at 9pm. It returns from Long Beach starting beginning of June at 8:30am, and arrives in Honolulu 11:40am.


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A couple random date checks show there to be no current nonstop flights between HNL and LGB, with minimum one stop flights taking ten hours or more per leg. With a 2 hour time difference, the nonstop flight cuts that to five to six and a half hours, a reduction of around 50%! This is very valuable for both business and leisure travelers, and I welcome any additional competition. Although, I expect this new route to price competitively since it is a direct flight.

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Before the end of May, Hawaiian will also add service between Maui and Portland, Oregon, as well as Lihue and Oakland, California. During the summer, they will also include Kona and Los Angeles. This interconnectivity between Hawaii and the West Coast will make routes more competitive, especially with the addition of Southwest, benefiting both travelers and the Hawaiian economy. The article talks about other financial and performance metrics of Hawaiian Airlines, which are also quite interesting. They improved passenger count, percentage of seats filled, revenue passenger miles, and available seat miles several percentage points, for a healthy growth. With the strengthening of the economy, especially on the West Coast, Hawaiian is poised to capitalize on increased tourism and demand for travel.

Personally, I have a wedding to attend in Hawaii this year so hopefully one of these new routes that opened up this or the previous year will make prices bearable for me. Airline miles are not my forte (as you might see from my moniker, The Hotelion) and so those are always a challenge.



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