JetBlue announced the termination of their partnership with Lyft as of September 9. Previously, you could take a Lyft to or from an airport and earn 30 TrueBlue points, worth roughly 50 cents. However, they sent an email today, August 9th to the TrueBlue members who used Lyft to or from an airport saying that this partnership would end “after three great years”.

Bummer – jetBlue did say they may have new perks in the future, but while this is a blow, it’s a small one, unless you’re flying and using lyft all the time. I know that I compare both rates of Uber and Lyft but typically use Lyft due to the bonus from Ebates which used to be $1 per ride, and is now 25c per ride. Still, better than nothing, especially if prices are the same between the two companies.

No more 30 points per ride!


Hopefully JetBlue can debut new programs or perks that would improve customer retention and loyalty. All the hotel-airline and airline-adjacent partnerships are quite valuable to customers, especially if you take advantage and maximize your benefits.

Stay tuned for followup news or announcements of any JetBlue partnerships! Perhaps they’ll revamp it to points per mile or decide to go with Uber instead. Either way, I’m sure both of the large rideshare companies are trying to achieve that network effect and critical mass necessary to grow ridership, and business partnerships go a long way towards fostering loyalty and customer stickiness.

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