I arrived to Geneva Airport , as with most of my flights, a few hours early to make full use of the lounge facilities Swiss lay on for their Business Class passengers, ahead of my short hop to Zurich (review here). The lounge is located on the floor up directly after security, and was easy enough to find.

The space

The Swiss Business Class lounge has a very pleasant ambience. An abundance of natural light coupled with an open plan arrangement make it a very nice place to relax or work in before a flight. The lounge is sort of split in two, with a dining area, and a rest area. The rest area consists of low lounge chairs and coffee tables with universal charging ports (much appreciated for foreigners!), while the dining room of course has high chairs and tables to eat from.



Food and drink

Whilst limited to a narrow variety of dishes, all the food was very tasty. On the hot menu today was creamed pesto chicken, seasonal vegetables and penne pasta. As with all my lounge visits, I sampled everything humanly possible in my two hour stay, including the hot food, some vegetable soup (delicious), and a wide variety of snacks and fruit. I also had an apple pie for desert, which was one of the best I had ever tasted.



A wide variety of soft drinks were also available in the Swiss Business Class Lounge, as well as hot drinks from a machine and self-serve wine, beer and spirits & liqueurs.



other amenities

All the standards were there, including free WiFi and reading materials. A Business Centre was also offered, with computers for personal use. I also appreciated the aviation artwork around the lounge. The only downside was the fact that toilets are shared between all the lounges, so involves leaving the lounge altogether. They were no different from normal airport toilets.

final thoughts

The Swiss Business Class Lounge in Geneva is a solid lounge in its category. Natural light is becoming rarer in middle-of-the-range lounges now, and makes a lot of difference. The drinks selection was as good as any I’ve seen, but the food, while tasty, could have done with a bit more variety.