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Aengus is a frequent flyer based in London, and he specializes in UK air-miles and everything airlines. He shares the latest deals, advice and industry news.

Singapore Airlines Scraps Economy Seating on New Longest Route

It is no secret that Singapore Airlines is a market leader in cabin product innovation. Singapore’s national flag carrier has always had a fond place in my heart, and it would appear that following the announcement of their new route, the airline is trying to showcase their premium cabins in the best possible light by doing away completely with their Economy Class (which is still a market leader in its field). Singapore Airlines stated that the upcoming route, whose tickets are released soon, will have only Premium Economy and Business Class. The proposed route, Singapore to Newark, will serve...

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Air New Zealand In Opposition To Airport Expansion In New Zealand?!

If you’ve ever landed in Wellington, New Zealand, you’ll know that it’s not for the nervous flyers amongst us. The runway is bordered on both sides by water, essentially on an island. This means you don’t see land beneath you until seconds before touchdown. NZ’s capital’s airport is also known for some of the most turbulent landings, caused by the wind funneling effect from the Cook Strait. It is therefore no wonder that expansion of the nation’s third busiest airport has been on the table for years. The notoriously short runway is in need of an extension, as well...

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Is First Class Headed For Extinction?

There are few pleasures greater in life for me than a First Class flight. Be it the ever-improving inflight and ground amenities, gourmet food, excellent service or phenomenal hard products, a ticket with the F code on it always makes my eyes light up. However, with many airlines noticing a reduction in consumer spending, are First Class’s days numbered? Air travel is more accessible to the general population now than ever before. Just look on any airline’s website and you’ll notice cut-throat prices to exotic locations. a few decades ago, however, it was a far different story. Air travel...

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Swiss Business Class Lounge Review Geneva

I arrived to Geneva Airport , as with most of my flights, a few hours early to make full use of the lounge facilities Swiss lay on for their Business Class passengers, ahead of my short hop to Zurich (review here). The lounge is located on the floor up directly after security, and was easy enough to find. The space The Swiss Business Class lounge has a very pleasant ambience. An abundance of natural light coupled with an open plan arrangement make it a very nice place to relax or work in before a flight. The lounge is sort of...

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Flight Review: Swiss Business Class GVA to ZRH

Following a very successful skiing holiday in the Alps, I was booked to return to London in Swiss’s short-haul Business Class. My itinerary was as follows: Flights: LX2811, LX 326 Class: Business Dep: GVA (14:10) Trans: ZRH (1h25m) Arr: LHR (17:50) Planes: Bombardier CS100, A321 Here’s the review for the first flight, LX2811: I got to the airport in plenty of time and had a couple of hours to spend in the lounge, review to follow. Unfortunately, though we were ready to push-back on time, a passenger who’d boarded requested not to fly for some reason, and our departure time was pushed back the guts...

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Qatar Airways Looking Set To Unveil New First Class Product

Qatar Airways’ twitter has been dropping hints of “the future of premium travel” on their twitter over the past few days, with cryptic tweets like the one below: In 6 days, the future of premium travel takes shape — Qatar Airways (@qatarairways) March 2, 2017 It would not be a stretch of the imagination to assume therefore that they are on the cusp of unveiling a new Business or First Class. This would directly compete with their two Gulf buddies, Emirates and Etihad. Etihad Airways 777 First Class Etihad’s unique ‘The Residence’ offers passengers a true private jet...

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Is Priority Boarding Really An Advantage?

One of the most frequent benefits given to status holders or those flying in premium cabins on an airline is priority boarding. That is, skipping the queue of people boarding the flight and being one of the first on the plane. But is that really a benefit, or perhaps more of a hindrance? Especially when travelling in a cramped seat, I always try to spend as little time as possible sitting in it. Whether that be taking routine walks in-flight or stretching out into the aisle, I try to keep my claustrophobia at bay. It then dawned on me...

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Should Airlines Provide Children-Free Flights?

There’s nothing worse than getting onto a plane, wanting nothing more than a bit of shut-eye, to discover your seat reservation is next to a family with children on the brink of apocalypse. This is the exact argument made by those who are now campaigning for airlines to introduce child-free flights, giving travellers the option to be rid of the noise and general disruption of kids, which can be especially tiresome on long-haul flights. Let’s explore some pros, cons, and alternatives to this age-old travel nightmare. Pros First and foremost, those looking for a peaceful flight and the prospect...

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What’s The Best Luggage Choice For Frequent Flyers Or Air-Crew?

When it was time for me to start looking for a new bag for my travels, the choices, styles and brands of luggage these days seemed overwhelming to say the least. I trawled online, desperately looking for a bag to fit my every need, and asked everyone I knew for suggestions and recommendations. Through this experience, I’ve gathered a few tips on how to find the ideal bag for your travels. get your priorities straight First of all, it’s really important to decide which factors are most important to you. You may want to consider the following: Style –...

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London City Airport Evacuated Due To Mystery Illness

London City Airport, the only airport within the city, was evacuated on 21st October, after passengers waiting for flights complained of breathing difficulties and dizziness. Fire alarms prompted the evacuation, and 26 people were treated by paramedics on-scene. Two people were hospitalised, but there was no lasting damage to anyone involved. The above picture from twitter shows passengers who were evacuated air-side onto an apron. Quite telling that I can’t see a single passenger in that photo who isn’t on their phone. The age of technology is more obvious now than ever! In total, 500 passengers were evacuated, causing...

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