Before my Delta flight from Seattle back to Orange County, I decided to stop by the Club at SEA, at the South Satellite Terminal to relax. I got to the airport around 2pm for my 3:40pm flight, but sadly my flight was delayed an hour. More lounge time I guess!


The Club at SEA, South Satellite is part of Priority Pass. I gained access with my Hilton AMEX Aspire Credit Card, but there are many other cards that offer a Priority Pass membership.

There an additional Club at SEA in Concourse A if your gate is closer to that. The train connects all the terminals post security, so if you have the time you can visit all the lounges regardless of your departure gate.

Hours of the Club at SEA, South Satellite lounge are 5:30am – 5:30pm Monday & Wednesday and 5:30am – midnight Tuesday & Thursday – Sunday. The Priority Pass site says that access may be restricted between 10:00am – 2:00pm daily due to space constraints.

My Visit:

I entered around 2pm on a Sunday and it was quite crowded. By the time it was 4pm, it was just me and one other passenger.

Club at SEA

There was ample seating, and bathrooms inside the lounge itself. The buffet had the standard fare that can be found at other “The Clubs” like the one in Dallas-Fort Worth. There were two sandwich types offered, as well as some little candies to munch on. I remember visiting the Club at SEA in Concourse A about a year and a half ago, and the food selection was all pre-packaged snacks which were interesting. Seems like the clubs have definitely changed their menus since then.

Club at SEA

The Verdict:

The Club at SEA, South Satellite is not a bad domestic lounge to relax and grab a quick bite. The upkeep of this particular lounge was pretty decent, and I wouldn’t mind stopping by in the future.


Happy travels,


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