After having already checked out the New Alaska Lounge at Concourse C, I decided to try out The Club at SEA Lounge before my flight home. I have Priority Pass Select from my Hilton AMEX Aspire Card, so I get access to this lounge and get to bring 2 guests.

This lounge is all the way at Concourse A, so I had a nice exercise coming in after security. To make things better, my departing gate was in Concourse D, the complete opposite side of the airport. Thankfully, it was only a 10-15 minute extra walk.

The Club at SEA:

I entered at around 4 PM on a Saturday and it was pretty empty. This lounge is used by many international carriers, and you can also buy day passes for $40. It’s open from 7AM to midnight.

Club at SEA

Main Seating Area

The lounge has ample seating, computer stations and even a conference room.

The food selection in the lounge was pretty much all packaged snacks. There was a nice array, from chips, to granola bars, to milano cookies! Picture like the Costco snack section on a platter. This was definitely interesting to me and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but I did very much enjoy munching on numerous Milano cookies. 🙂

I did find the instant ramen a bit comical…

Additionally, they did have a veggie bar and two soups.

Club at SEA

Veggie Bar

menu on a table

Bar Menu

The Verdict:

Not a bad lounge to grab a quick bite and drinks. A tad bit depressing with the lack of views and dark atmosphere. But if you want peace and quiet this might be the lounge for you!


Happy travels,



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