My company booked me on a Delta E175 for a work conference in Seattle. I was happy because Delta is the only airline that I have status with (Silver!). I was also happy that the flight would be on a E175 because that means there are only aisle and window seats since it’s a 2-2 configuration.

Flight Deatils:

Delta Airlines Operated by Compass Airlines Embraer 175
Santa Ana (SNA) to Seattle (SEA)
Main Cabin- Seat: 10B Aisle

Seattle (SEA) to Santa Ana (SNA)
Comfort Plus- Seat: 7A Window

Delta E175

The Flights:

Orange County to Seattle in Main Cabin

The only Comfort Plus upgrades available for Silver Medallion members 24 hours before my flight to Seattle were for the window seat. I wasn’t feeling the best before this flight so I opted to take an aisle seat for easier access in getting up. So, I stayed in the Main Cabin.

I was in the first Main Cabin row (only one row behind Comfort Plus), and the seatback pocket said “Comfort Plus”. Such a tease…

Delta E175

So close, yet so far.

Thanfully, the seat had ample legroom for a short flight.

Seattle to Orange County in Comfort Plus

I took a window seat upgrade to Comfort Plus and I was feeling a lot better on this flight. There were aisle seats available, but for flights under 3 hours I do like looking out the window :). The comfort plus seat had noticeably better legroom than Main Cabin, and was really comfortable.

Sadly, the inbound plane was late due to being divered in Calgary, so my flight left over an hour late. We were lucky to make up some time in the air and thankfully arrived only 45 minutes late!

a seat with a pocket in the back

In Flight Service:

On both flights, snacks were offered and we could choose between the famous biscoff cookies, cheese its, a Kind bar and almonds. I was a bit intrigued that both flights offered the same snacks; I thought that Comfort Plus would be the one with more selection and Main Cabin would have a more limited one. Maybe I got lucky?

a plastic cup with a drink in it next to a bag of cereal

Kind Bar with my favorite Ginger Ale + Cranberry Juice Mix


Both flights had no seatback IFE, but that was okay for a short 2 hour hop. Wifi was offered, $5.50 for a 30 minute pass and $17.95 for a full flight pass. My favorite feature was that they offered free messaging, where you could use iMessage and Facebook Messenger for free. You could also stream movies and shows to your device as well. On my flight to Seattle I did have an issue with the wifi where it didnt work for the first hour, but thankfully my flight back to Orange County didn’t have issues.

I used the power plug in between the seat on my Comfort Plus ride home, which came in handy!

The Verdict:

I always like flying on the E175 as they are quite comfortable for shorter flights. The Delta E175 experience was solid, and I wouldn’t mind flying the same flight in the future in either Main Cabin or Comfort Plus.

What are your thoughts on the Delta E175? Comment below!

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