HIGHLIGHTS: Ambra Italian Kitchen + Bar @ MGM Grand Las Vegas

Ambra opened recently in August or September 2019 in the MGM Grand Las Vegas, where the former Fiamma Italian Restaurant was located. Highlights include some of the appetizers – scallops, absolutely heavenly meatballs, as well as entrees – steak, bolognese pasta, and the fish and clams were amazing. I would certainly consider coming back (especially I have dining credit to use) and try more of the food. I enjoyed our experience, as the Ambra staff and management crafted an “off the books” menu for us to showcase their culinary capabilities.


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Way back in the District eating and shopping area of MGM, Ambra’s bright orange sign can been seen from almost the casino area. It’s down a dark long hallway, with their long bar and lounge area visible from the walkway. Seems quite intimate and romantic.



We arrived right at dinner time, and there was a minute as they set up our booth. They advised me to wait at the bar and have a glass, or hang out in the lounge with other waiting parties. It was a little chilly during our meal, so bring a jacket! I saw plenty of families, couples, and more. Celebrate a hot date, family, or business here. You get a great view of the people walking by, bustling about, and it is also quiet enough to hear your guests and be able to speak at a regular volume. The staff were very expedient and well dressed, as well. Very professional – as I would expect.

Additionally, after our meal the very kind server walked me through the property and showed me some great hideaway spots, where he told me they host private parties in a bar area type speakeasy, available for event space and buyouts. There was also another sectioned off area that holds up to 100 people, again for group events



They have a massive drink menu! Much more straightforward dinner menu, however. I was impressed with the variety of drinks offered. We ordered off the cocktail and wine menu to get a good sampling of taste. Additionally they made a chef selection menu offering for us, so we didn’t order specifically off the food menu. Some items were on there, but some weren’t. Interesting creations and specials for us to try.



While waiting for our table, the lady ordered a glass of the Pinot Gavilan ($16) which was not good. It tasted acidic, like it had been sitting out a while, so she did not finish. We also ordered the You Can’t Catch Me cocktail which was delicious and not too sweet, with a fresh and fruity taste. It was salted but only on one side, easy and refreshing. It was not too strong and goes down easily.

I appreciated their creative cocktail menu. Later, she ordered the Matcha Thinking ($16) which was very easy to drink and also refreshing, like a cucumber drink, not too citrusy. We asked for both the Devil in the Details ($18) as well as the Pera ($17) but both were unavailable. Unfortunate!



We started off with bread of a couple types, one being a spiced and crunchy focaccia, which was great. However, there was no vinegar provided, and the sourdough was just ok.

Then came the appetizers! Diver Scallops, caramelized with a wild mushroom truffle emulsion. These were not on the menu, served with a purée of celery root, tasting creamy and delicious, cooked crispy, with a perfect texure. Next were Stuffed Crispy Squash Blossoms ($14), with a Fresno chili aioli. They were crispy, served with a hot ricotta cheese inside. Last were the Meatballs Al Forno ($16) – simply amazing, like the best meatballs I’ve ever had. Served on a bed of whipped ricotta cheese, this family recipe from Chef Vick Casinova was soft and delicious, with a creamy inside. The garlic bread was toasted well and not too crunchy. Additionally, the meatballs were uniform and well mixed – something I appreciate.



We got a plate and cutlery change at this time. Nearly stuffed from all the appetizers, the entrees arrived not long after. First was the Tagliatelle Bolognese ($28) cooked al dente. I enjoy the tender chewing of the pasta immensely. Next was the Cod Special with Manila Clams. The tomato based sauce complemented the meatiness of the cod, in the mini seafood feast. However, you have to be careful, as some of the clams had some shell that I (unfortunately) cracked on. Last was a Japanese F1 Wagyu NY Striploin ($90) which was fantastically delicious, not too salty, with great complexion and chew. It had a crispy cooked exterior, and a soft light pink interior, with the sauce adding some taste and flavor.

They also brought two sides – Marinated Mushrooms ($15) and Tuscan Potatoes ($12). The mushrooms were bursting with flavor, helped with the addition of some peppercorn in the dish. The potatoes reminded me of gigantic wedge fries, as crispy and crunchy as they were, with some herbs and spices adding flavor. There was also a hefty pattering of Parmesan on them as well.



While they had prepared desserts for us, I asked for a menu as well to see what options there were and capture a picture for you. Then arrived the house made Panatone with stewed figs, topped with Mascarpone Gelato. This is a traditional Italian Christmas bread or cake, and was flaky and airy, falling apart at the touch. The gelato was also great, like a light vanilla. The server mentioned this is a seasonal dessert around the holidays, but they have a whole dessert menu as well.



This was a fantastic date for me and Lady Hotelion to enjoy, and I would certainly come back for a similarly intimate experience. The food was so fresh and delicious, and I loved the stories our amazing server told us about the background and dishes. You should certainly eat at Ambra to experience the similar Italian hospitality.


Gambling Wins!

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Sponsored – this restaurant review is sponsored by the establishment and property in general. No additional compensation was received for this post other than the exchange of product.

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