On my way back home from the Freddie Awards, I saw that Dallas/Forth Worth Airport had an array of Priority Pass options. They have 2 Minute Suite options, 2 Gameways (video game stations) and 1 traditional lounge option.

As I wanted some food and drinks, I opted to visit the only actual Priority Pass lounge option at DFW, that being The Club at DFW. I only had 45 minutes to chill, so it was a bit of a rushed experience, but I’m glad I visited!

Location of the Club at DFW:

The Club at DFW is located at Terminal D, near gate 27 on the second level.

All the terminals at DFW are connected post-security by the Skylink which is really nice! I was departing from Terminal E, where Delta departs from and the whole trip from the lounge to my gate only took about 15 minutes. The Skylink service is pretty frequent and I never waited more than 5 minutes for a train. Just remember to allow time to take the Skylink train and get to your gate because DFW is huuuge.

a sign on a wall

Skylink Entrance!

The Lounge:

The Club at DFW is not just one big room, but rather 3 small areas. Check-in is in the “main” dining area. This lounge is open from 4am to 10:30pm daily. I visited at 1PM on a Saturday, and it was pretty filled up!

Inside the main area, is seating for about 25 and there’s a bar + food area. That’s it really here. Dining tables and a few seats. The food selection was quite decent with three types of sandwiches (egg, mozzarella and tuna) as well as some salad and brownies too! This area was 100% full, so I didn’t sit here.

Then, if you leave the main area you can enter this section that looks like business center seating which fits about 10 people.

The best area, in my opinion for seating is in this 3rd area below and this is where I decided to rest at.

There are many comfy chairs in here as well as a “quiet room”. There’s a single stall combined shower/bathroom in this part of the lounge but airport bathrooms are located just right downstairs. In this room, there’s also a fridge with soft drinks so you don’t have to walk back to the main buffet area. I’m happy I was able to snag seats here!

The negatives of the Club at DFW would definitely be that the lounge doesn’t offer a lot of seating and I think it’s a bit funky how split up the lounge is. Also, it would be nice to have actual bathrooms in the lounge.

The Verdict:

If my travels bring me back to DFW, I’d gladly stop by and grab a snack! While a bit small, the Club at DFW is still quite relaxing!

Have you visited the Club at DFW? Share your thoughts below!

Happy travels,


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