Highlights: Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

The Caesars host came through for me seeking a cheap Saturday night stay and gave me a great rate of $65 which was better than anything elsewhere. Unfortunately, there were some small issues with my room, but I got to sample the food court as well as Hell’s Kitchen which had decent food. I found – at checkout – that diamond members get free valet parking but only at the Augusta entrance. Annoying that I had to self-park – Mlife’s comp Valet is so much more valuable. However, I am so happy to finally check off the last Las Vegas property (excluding Nobu) under the Total Rewards banner!


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Walking from the parking garage I had to cross the entire property, especially as the staff kept routing me to the incorrect box office and providing me poor directions as I wanted to redeem my Diamond show tickets. I found the diamond check-in station where there was a huge line. Upon check in they were able to upgrade my tower.



The room was a basic King suite, with no real table so I had to jury-rig a round one with a couch. Additionally, there were two issues with the room – the shower door not sealing properly, letting water out, and the air conditioning making loud whirring sounds and clicking upon turning off. I notified the front desk about both and they were unable to fix either late at night, so engineering came the next morning in a second attempt. The technician brought in a second opinion who told me there wasn’t an issue, and yet while he was there and after he left the clicking could still be heard. They provided a $50 F&B credit and graciously allowed me to use it even after checkout, so that was greatly appreciated.



This place is packed with action and people. From elderly to couples to professionals to families, the guests ran the gamut of personalities. You could feel the energy and excitement in the air.



First, I enjoyed Hell’s Kitchen for their signature Hell’s Kitchen burger ($23), made with bacon, avocado, fresno pepper jam, crispy onion, ghost pepper jack cheese and accompanied with seasoned fries. As I can’t handle the heat I swapped out the ghost pepper jack cheese for cheddar. The restaurant was packed but I snuck into a seat at the bar, bypassing the dozens of couples and groups waiting for a table. You can also purchase merchandise here, from t-shirts to full on chef aprons and jackets.


After checking out, I used the remainder of my food credit at the food court, which had a wide range of options. I opted for sushi – a big regret, as well as an overpriced ($9!) slice of pizza, that fell apart while eating. However, this was only to tie me over until dinner, so I wasn’t looking for a full meal.



I could see the pools from my room, and the fitness center was well stocked. I was walking probably 15-20K steps per day through casinos, so that was my workout.

QUA BATHS & SPA – from hotel site.



Other than the small issues with my room, it was a satisfactory stay. They had a decent amount of advantage play games, and now that I know you can valet here (for free, with diamond status) it may be more interesting. However, its location isn’t optimal for my advantage playing, so I may not be coming back anytime soon. I do appreciate the Caesar’s host for helping secure this stay for me. Caesar’s Palace is very regal and comes with a storied history, so I appreciate being able to experience that.



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