I booked jetBlue to fly back home from Oakland as it was cheaper than Southwest, and I had a $40 travel credit because my jetBlue flight to Florida dropped $40. If the price of your flight changes within 5 days of booking, JetBlue will credit you the difference to your travel bank.

Flight Details:

jetBlue Airways Flight 347
Oakland (OAK) to Long Beach (LGB)
Seat: 7F- Window- Economy
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Status: On Time

The Flight:

Boarding was quick and right on time, and the flight wasn’t fully booked so it was easy to find overhead space. The seats are quite outdated, but really comfortable!

Jetblue Amazing

Throwback to the olden days.

Our lead flight attendant said the quick flight back to Long Beach would be just a bit over one hour. We left the gate 10 minutes early.

The legroom is amazing, and JetBlue offers the most legroom for a US carrier in coach with 34 inches of pitch. I’m 5’9 and had plenty of knee space.

JetBlue will be revamping the interiors of all their older planes by 2021 with slimline seats but 32 inches of pitch. Legroom should not get too much worse since the seats would be more slim.

Jetblue Amazing

Shortly after reaching 10,000 feet, snacks were served. You could choose from Terra Blue Chips, Pretzels, Cheese-It’s and Cookies. A drink service followed shortly after.

Jetblue Amazing

Snack Basket!

The only negative at the moment would be that currently there are no power plugs so just remember you can’t charge your phone! 🙁

The seatback IFE screen is 5.1 inches and features DirecTV. It’s quite blurry and outdated so I’m glad they are upgrading it to a 10.1 inch touch screen with more movie selections!

Jetblue Amazing

Free Gate to Gate WiFi?

Oh yesss. This is so nice! The WiFi is quick, free and works once you board the plane. Amazing jetBlue! I hope other competitors follow suit.

Arrived to gate 15 minutes early! Woo!

The Verdict: Amazing jetBlue Flight!

jetBlue is one of the best airlines I’ve flown with in a long time. Friendly service, spacious seats and free in-flight WiFi. Flying has been more annoying recently as all the airlines have the “fares are cheaper than ever in history, so don’t complain” mentality but I’m glad jetBlue is staying true to their founding principles. I’ll be sure to fly jetBlue more in the future!

Has anyone been particularly impressed with jetBlue recently? Comment below!

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