HIGHLIGHTS: Diablo’s Cantina @ Luxor Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

This place was great – from the ambiance, quiet enough to hear each other speak, its awesome location segregated from the casino floor and elevated above the hotel lobby, and fantastic food make this a must-visit. Additionally, the prices – while not cheap, were quite reasonable – $10-$15 appetizers and $15-25 entrees? Yes please. I would certainly come back on my own, especially for that shrimp quesadilla. It was so good I got two!


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Diablo’s Cantina was moved in late 2018 to be on the second floor right at the top of the stairs. From the main Luxor entrance, head up the stairs to the second floor, where the Exhibition and Food Court are located, and Diablo’s is close to the front of that floor.



it was lively with people walking by, as we waited to be seated. However, once inside, it was surprisingly quiet – no need to shout, not a super loud restaurant! You can see all the people in the hotel lobby below. Really enjoyed the calm, laid-back atmosphere, away from the hubbub and go-go-go of Las Vegas. This place was not that crowded, and I could definitely see it being a nice date place, as it wasn’t super loud.



Very extensive menu – drinks separate, but they have a wide range of cocktails and mescals. Great range of products, and the prices were quite reasonable as well! Los dasantas mezcal. Smooth rich in flavor and smoky. Not super crowded. Can bring a date. Not super loud.



Diablo’s Cantina has a fully stocked bar, and range of cocktails, beer, wine, and their specialty mezcals. We tried a range of options. The “los dasantas” Mezcal ($20+) was good and delicious. It reminded me of a Johnny Walker Black I had previously. Smooth, rich in flavor, and smoky.



We got some complimentary chips, which were warm and good at first, but there were some stale ones on the bottom. Additionally, we got the Touro de Guacamole ($15) – three types of guac from mild to super spicy. We also ordered the Quesadilla with Shrimp ($19) – amazing, so good I got another at the end, and the Aqua Chile Shrimp Ceviche ($15). The ceviche was much too citrusy for me, but the others in my party enjoyed it.



For entrees, we all chose something different and swapped plates after a few bites to really get the full experience. We ordered the Chicken Burrito ($19), Carne Asada Steak Fajitas ($25), Shrimp Enchiladas ($22), and Beer Battered Fish Tacos ($18).

The chicken burrito was okay, nothing stood out there. The steak fajitas came with a green bean and potato and cheese creaminess that was quite different, and was under a very spicy chili sauce adding an interesting kick to the meat. I enjoyed the shrimp enchiladas – which had that delicious shrimp crunch, and a tasty gravy on top making for a wonderful mouthful. My fish tacos were disappointing, as it was too much stuff to pick up in the small tortilla, and the fish seemed a bit soggy or not super fried. All entrees came with their refried beans and rice which was decent.



We sampled both desserts, a Churro Funnel Cake ($8) and a Fried Platano Split ($7). Both were delicious, sugary goodness, topped with what I thought was vanilla but is actually cinnamon ice cream.



This place was a great experience, from good service from our waiter Raul, to the good food – can I say Shrimp Quesadilla again – and reasonable prices. Sure, if you order a ton it’ll get pricey, but I think it’s quite reasonable on-strip restaurant pricing. I could definitely see myself coming back here next time I’m at the Luxor.



Sponsored – this restaurant review is sponsored by the establishment and property in general. No additional compensation was received for this post other than the exchange of product.

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