Before I begin, I want it to be known that I have always given Paris Hilton credit for making Kim Kardashian famous (among other things). Her seeming “ditziness” is infectious and the great granddaughter of Hilton Hotels founder Conrad Hilton has certainly grown into the family business very nicely. Paris is looking to pave her own path with a hotel brand of her own; There are plans to open three Paris-brand hotels in each Dubai, New York, and Las Vegas.

The Paris Beach Club are wildly successful in the Philippines.

The Paris Beach Club locations are wildly successful in the Philippines.

Paris already has a successful line of beach-themed nightclubs in the Philippines (part of the AZURE Urban Residence) so the natural progression would be to open actual hotels. The existing nightclubs include a modern style construction with all the fixins’ – sand, water, alcohol, and good music. Think tiny Ibizas.

The plan for the three Paris Hilton-branded hotels are for them to be beach themed just like the Filipino nightclubs and they’ll be located in her three favorite cities of Dubai, New York, and Las Vegas.

This venture is going to be interesting for a couple of reasons. Will they be added to the Hilton brand or will the hotels be a completely separate spinoff? Will there be a loyalty program?

Bottom Line

Call me crazy, but I see these new Paris Hilton hotels as being wildly successful for some reason. It’ll be interesting to see the price point because you would have to think the target audience would be a younger crowd with presumably less disposable income or at least a lower willingness to pay the advertised price for a room.

All that said, the locations are fantastic (though I don’t love this hotel in Dubai) and the concept will be a hit.

Are you excited about Paris Hilton’s new brand of hotels?


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