On February 27, 2018, Delta flight 72 performed by an Airbus A330-300 with the tail number N807NW, performed an emergency landing in Halifax, Nova Scotia due to an engine failure. More of the details can be found at AvHerald.com.

N807NW is a 14-year-old aircraft originally delivered to Northwest Airlines in 2004. Since that time, N807NW has had six incidents — three engine incidents, one hydraulic problem, one cabin pressure loss, and one loss of separation.

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Source: AvHerald

Maintenance on US airlines is top notch so no worries there, but this certainly seems to be a recurring issue and may get to the point where it impacts your schedule. Per AvHerald, the troubled engine was removed in Halifax and shipped to Pratt-Whitney for root cause analysis. N807NW spent a week in Halifax before departing for Atlanta on March 5th.

As of the writing of this post, N807NW is back in service servicing cities like Salt Lake City, Honolulu, and Amsterdam. No word on if a new engine was installed or the original was fixed.

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I’ve reached out to Delta for comment and will update this post accordingly.


Featured image courtesy of Pieter van Marion.