This isn’t your typical hotel review – and focuses on the experience (Dessert-making class and chef-prepared menu) part of my Marriott Moments experience.



For those who may not be aware, Marriott Moments are unique experiences crafted by hospitality companies for valued guests, similar to SPG Moments. Similar to my last Marriott Moments package at a Ritz-Carlton, this package included a stay at the resort-class Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and had an experience element.


RESEARCH: Culinary Experience

a woman looking at a glass bell

Email Detail

After my wonderful experience with the Global Cuisines Series, I wanted to replicate the enjoyment with something new and different. I found the below package for the Cosmopolitan, wonderfully coinciding with the time I would be in Las Vegas anyway. I booked a different reservation elsewhere as a distraction, and surprised the lady in the taxi by showing up at the Cosmo. Surprise!


Master Class: Put your creative culinary skills to the test with a hands-on class with Rose. Rabbit. Lie.’s Executive Chef, Steve Gotham. Chef Gotham will take you on an adventurous dessert journey when he shows you how to create the famous chocolate terrarium. This playful and palate-pleasing decadent dessert is an edible garden showcasing the modern supper club’s culinary mastery and creativity. Afterward, enjoy an exclusive chef-menu dinner at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. where familiar dishes take surprising twists and turns, cocktails are mixed with subtle flair, and spontaneous, live entertainment adds to an already extraordinary evening. Top off the night with an intimate guided tour of the kitchen in the midst of its hustle and bustle with Chef Gotham.

Experience includes:

  • Hands-on Class with Executive Chef, Steve Gotham of Rose. Rabbit. Lie. to create a chocolate terrarium
  • Dinner with an exclusive chef-menu prepared by Chef Gotham at Rose. Rabbit. Lie.
  • Intimate kitchen tour of Rose. Rabbit. Lie.
  • Two-night stay in Terrace Suite at The Cosmopolitan with check in at the Autograph Lounge (Check-in January 19, 2018 – Check-out January 21, 2018)
  • Additional $100 dining credit to use during your stay
  • Experience is for two people


Wrap-Around Terrace Suite: VIEWS GALORE

Platinum status and sweet talking got me a wonderful wrap-around terrace at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. However, that will be the focus of its own post, as this one will focus on the other aspects of the package.

a kitchen with black counter tops and wooden cabinets

Kitchen in our Suite!!


Master Whimsical Culinary Creations: Hands-on Chocolate Terrarium Creation Class & Kitchen Tour

Chef Steve Gotham of Rose. Rabbit. Lie. was the host this time, shepherding two other couples into a small, intimate library and bar section of the restaurant, where he talked about the establishment, and the famous chocolate terrarium dessert, made with several different types of chocolates and cream, to replicate the look of an actual terrarium with dirt and bugs. It was a very interesting time – however short, as it finished below an hour. While it was delicious, I was hoping for more, but then again, I did not come primarily for this part of the package either.

After making (and eating) the terrarium, he walked us through the restaurant during the setup process. Very bright and less intimate, but I was sure during dinner it would look that much better.


Dinner with exclusive Chef Gotham-prepared menu

Dinner was a multi-course affair, of many smaller dishes and various delicacies. Everything tasted amazing, and I did try new things that I haven’t seen before. It came with a drink package – I believe it was two or three cocktails per person, with the large $25+ bottle cocktails counting as two. Just like last time, we could not finish all of our drink.

Entertainment was every hour, on the hour, in the form of amazing pianists, singers, tap-dancers, and more. It was a very lively performance, to supplement our delicious meal.

The bill at the end came to a whopping $300! $100/person for the food, and $50/person for the alcohol pairing. Of course, this was comped off our bill upon checkout (with a great headache though, as the staff in the Autograph lounge were unaware of this package and had no idea how to process it correctly.


Additional $100 dining credit to use during your stay

Since we had food planned, it was difficult to find ways to use this, but eventually we did, on places like Eggslut, the Wicked Spoon breakfast buffet (don’t forget Gold/Platinum Status gets VIP line and 15% off), and the Juice Bar. Nothing particularly standout, but more detail will be in the food section of the actual hotel review (forthcoming!)



My final bid on this was 110,000 Marriott points, or 37,000 Starwood points. At the average buy rate of 2.275 cpp (using a 35% sale), that comes to about $834. Considering the suite alone was easily a thousand per night, it was a good deal.

As I was curious, I took a further look to see what others bid. The high was 152,500 and the low was 100,000 for the package on the same dates. For an average of about 118,000 and median of 115,000. Nice to know mine was less! I would definitely come back here, but I feel I am so spoiled – after a dinner and suite like I experienced, even the Wicked Spoon just seems a little less glitzy. Thank you Marriott and Marriott Moments for making this happen!



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