One of the more curious aspects of travel is the same day flight change. You finish your business meetings early or are just eager to go home so you get to the airport early and cool your heels for a few hours until departure time.

Changing your flight is not an option as it usually attracts two fees. One is the fare difference which, let’s face it, close to travel day is usually rather high. The other is the administration fee you’re slugged for the audacity of wanting to make a change.

Flying Low Cost? Forget It!

Carriers such as Ryanair are a double edged sword. They are nice and cheap however if you need to change your booking, you’d better be ready to be slugged for a wad of cash.

Any changes to their tickets usually attract a fee so high that it’s actually cheaper to buy an entirely new ticket. I get it, that’s the model and it makes sense. I still miss the occasional money lost to them though!

Same Day Flight Change At British Airways

British Airways have economy class fares in Europe that are quite competitive. It’s not a €30 ticket with Ryanair but it is usually only a bit more.

The rather huge benefit that is not touted very much is the ability to change your flight for free on the day of travel. Yes, you heard me correctly, for free!

Free in the actual sense of the word – not “free (apart from the change fee)” or “free (but you have to pay the fare difference)” – literally free.

This is only handy when flying on a route where there are multiple flights per day so you can switch and change at your convenience. The only caveat is that you must be on a Plus fare which includes a bag or above.

Overall Thoughts

To have the ability to do a flight change on the day of travel for no cost whatsoever is a real point of differentiation between British Airways and its low cost competitors. It permits a degree of flexibility if you need to leave earlier or later.

Have you taken advantage of this ability with British Airways or another airline? What do you think? Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Financial Times.