a display case with a piece of art

Hallway Lined with Artifacts


The Park Hyatt Seoul is a 185 room luxury hotel located Gangnam-gu, opposite the COEX Convention and Trade Center.  Reward redemptions are a good value since 20,000 points or 10,000 points plus $125 are required for a standard room compared to the average daily rate of $380.  Like most Park Hyatt Hotels, its a classy hotel that never feels over crowded with excellent service and great decor.

a black rectangular object with a gold border on a wooden surface

Room Key


Since I was using a suite upgrade certificate and the points plus cash rate, I made the booking via twitter (@HyattConcierge) since, it is not possible to apply the upgrade certificate at hyatt.com.  I could have called in but sending a message via twitter to Hyatt takes all of 10 seconds.

a city with tall buildings

View from room


The Park Hyatt is located in the center of Seoul’s business and entertainment district and also near the Samseong station line 2.  From Incheon International Airport is takes 45 minutes to reach the hotel using one the bus/vans that stop at the hotel.   While the Park Hyatt is in a nice area, I found the location of the Grand Hyatt to have more interesting things to do.

a building with a lot of windows

Park Hyatt Entrance


Like most Park Hyatt hotels, there is never a sense of being over crowded like at Grand Hyatt hotels.  As usual, the service from all staff members was professional and superb with check-in and check-out being efficient.  The overall decor of the hotel was classy and the food was good.  However, being a large city, there is no shortage of food options to choose from in the area.  Each floor has just over a half dozen rooms ensuring that you’ll not hear much noise from the hallways.

a sign on a wall

Bar and Restaurant

a bowl of food on a table

As a Globalist, I was offered a free drink and snack at the bar downstairs

a plate of food on a table

Delicious Free Snacks

a group of people sitting at a bar

Bar Area


The room was very spacious with excellent views out of the floor to ceiling windows, even from the 8th floor.  I assume the view is much better on one of the higher floors.  The suite was separated by a partition with couch, table and chairs on one side and a bed and lounge chair on the other.  The room’s floor and walls were covered in light oak wood which seemed a bit dated and unlike most Park Hyatts which have dark colored wood.  The bathroom was one of the best I’ve ever seen in a room, especially for a hotel located in a large crowded city.

a table and chairs in a room with a view of a city

Seating Area in Room

a room with a table and chairs

Fruit Welcome Amenity

a living room with a table and a television

Living Room Area

a chair and table with a view of a city

Floor to Ceiling Windows

a room with a large window and a bed

Bed with a view

a alarm clock and a box on a wall

Serious Control Panels Next to the Bed

a teapot and cups on a table

Complimentary Water and Tea

a group of plastic containers with money in them

Complementary Snacks

a bottle and two wine glasses in a drawer

Cool Looking Drawer Designed to Hold Wine

a bathroom with a large window

Awesomely Designed Bathroom

a bathtub in a room with a view of a city

Bathtub with TV built into wall and great city views

a bathroom with a bathtub and a tub

Bathroom Area

a group of small bottles on a granite surface

Aesop was the brand of bathroom products provided, however I prefer Le Labo Bergamot which I don’t see too often these days.

a toilet in a bathroom

High Tech Toilet. If you pull down the panel, it reveals the advanced mode.


In conclusion, the Park Hyatt Seoul is the perfect hotel if you are looking for a relaxing retreat from the busy city.  The rooms are spacious with large bathtubs to soak in after a long day of traveling.  However, if you are looking for something more exciting, the Grand Hyatt Seoul maybe a better option.