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I Love American Airlines’ New Casper Bedding, Here’s Why

In early December, American Airlines rolled out the airline’s new line of Casper premium bedding and linens. Casper launched in 2014 and is best known for the company’s mattresses.

Like many airlines today, American Airlines saw the opportunity to partner with a new start-up and offer premium products onboard their flights. Other notable partnerships include JetBlue/Saxon + Parole, Delta/Malin and Goetz, and United/Cowshed.

Before introducing Casper premium bedding, American Airlines offered pretty subpar in-flight bedding and linens. Even in International First Class, all that was offered was an additional pillow, a scratchy mattress pad, and a light duvet.

At the same time, Delta offered its fantastic Westin Heavenly bedding and United had introduced new Saks Fifth Avenue bedding. This left American Airlines as the only legacy US carrier to offer non-branded in-flight bedding and linens.

American Airlines’ decision to add Casper bedding was a great move as it brought the airline’s soft product further in line with its competitors. Additionally, American Airlines’ Casper bedding is simply fantastic. Here’s why.

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American Airlines Premium Economy Casper Blanket

While my first experience with the Casper line was in Premium Economy, I finally had the opportunity to try out American’s Transcontinental Flagship First Class Casper bedding and linens. Here’s my experience.

American Airlines Casper Bedding in Transcontinental Flagship First Class

Like with the previous bedding, the Casper bedding is set at your seat in plastic shrink-wrap upon boarding. On Transcontinental First Class flights, long-haul International Business Class flights, and International First Class flights, you will now find two packages of linens and bedding at your seat. One package consists of a large pillow and heavy duvet while the other package includes a light day blanket and a lumbar pillow.

I waited until the aircraft leveled out to unwrap the bedding and linens. I laid my seat into a lie-flat bed and examined each piece of the bedding.

The bedding and linens are similar in color to what American has previously offered. The duvet consists of a grey outer layer while the inside of the duvet is white. The pillows, both the larger pillow and the lumbar pillow, are white with grey accents. The day blanket is entirely grey.

Additionally, on select international flights, business class and first class cabins receive white slippers with grey accents while premium economy passengers receive white slippers with blue accents.

American Airlines Casper Bedding, Transcontinental Flagship First Class

American Airlines Casper Bedding, Transcontinental Flagship First Class

Of course, looks are one thing. The real test is the comfort. Though Ben at OneMileAtATime just posted his thoughts on the new Casper bedding, I preferred the Casper bedding to what was previously offered.

I found the duvet to be softer and lighter than what American previously offered. Though lighter, the duvet seemed thicker and plusher.

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American Airlines Casper Bedding Duvet

American Airlines Casper Bedding Duvet

The most significant improvement is found in the pillows offered to customers in premium cabins. The main pillow is much larger, much thicker, and overall, more comfortable. I honestly wouldn’t mind having one of the in-flight pillows for myself. The lumbar pillow is also very comfortable though oddly shaped as it’s supposed to support your back.

American Airlines Casper Bedding, LAX-JFK

American Airlines Casper Bedding and Lumbar Pillow, LAX-JFK

Finally, the day blanket is very comfortable. It’s large enough that you don’t have to constantly pull at the blanket to cover up. It also serves its purpose in that it’s light enough to use during a day-flight.

American Airlines Casper Bedding, LAX-JFK

American Airlines Casper Bedding, LAX-JFK

American Airlines Casper Bedding and Linens: The Routes

Additional Casper bedding, linens, and sleepwear are provided on longer international flights. For example, in International First Class, passengers will also receive a Casper mattress pad, slippers, and pajamas.

In International Business Class, passengers will also receive slippers. On select long-haul routes, passengers seated in International Business Class will also receive a mattress pad and pajamas. In Premium Economy, passengers receive a day blanket, lumbar pillow, and slippers.

The Full Line of American Airlines Casper Bedding and Linens (Image: American Airlines and Casper)

The Full Line of American Airlines Casper Bedding and Linens (Image: American Airlines and Casper)

Here’s a breakdown of the Casper bedding:

  • International First Class: Mattress Pad, Duvet, Day-Blanket, Pillow, Lumbar Pillow, Pajamas, Slippers
  • International Business Class (AKL, SYD, HKG): Mattress Pad, Duvet, Pillow, Pajamas, Slippers
  • International Business Class (Other Trans-Pacific Routes): Duvet, Pillow, Slippers
  • International Business Class (Long-Haul, Select Non-Flagship Transcons): Duvet, Pillow
  • Flagship Transcontinental First Class: Duvet, Pillow, Day-Blanket, Lumbar Pillow
  • Flagship Transcontinental Business Class: Duvet, Pillow
  • Most Domestic Routes, Short/Medium-Haul Business Class: No Change

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The Bottom Line

I’ve heard mixed reviews of the new Casper line of products found onboard American Airlines flights. The most common complaint I’ve come across is that the duvet is “scratchy” and not as comfortable. I did not find that to be the case on my recent Transcontinental Flagship First Class flight.

The Casper line of in-flight bedding and linens seems more premium. What American had previously offered seemed very subpar and average at best. Overall, the Casper in-flight bedding is a much-needed improvement to American’s premium products.

What do you think of the American Airlines Casper bedding and linens? Should American expand the day-blanket to domestic first class flights?

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