The Grand Hyatt Seoul is a 600 room 5-star luxury hotel located on Mount Namsan in Yongson district.  The overall property and the room was certainly grandiose and classy.   Like most Grand Hyatt hotels, the property was huge and even had a small shopping mall located within the hotel.   The city district of Itaewon is about a 10 minute walk away and the shopping district of Myeongdong is about a 10 minute drive.  The best part is that this hotel is only a category 4 hotel, which means point redemptions are a good value and the annual free night certificate given to Hyatt credit card holders can be used.

a room with a table and two trees

Grand Hyatt Seoul Hallway

Booking (5/5)

I used the points plus cash rate of 7,500 points plus $100 and also applied a suite upgrade certificate.  Upon arrival I was further upgraded to the executive suite which normally goes for $340.

a city with many buildings and a hill

View from the room. I’m sure the view if better on days when there is less haze.

Location (5/5)

Incheon International Airport is 62 km away and Gimpo Airport is 25 km away.  Being a 10 minute walk to district of Itaewon is a plus since there are many things to do in that area.  However, trekking back up the mountain to the hotel is is certainly a workout.  The hotel also provides a free shuttle bus around the city.

a light fixture on a wall

Marble and Crystal Decor


The property is expansive with several places to eat, shop, drink, and lounge around, giving guests plenty of room to spread out and not feel so cramped..  The hotel also has a pool that is converted into an ice skating rink in the winter.

a hallway with lights and columns

Grand Hyatt Lobby

Room (5/5)

The room was elegantly decorated and felt even more fancy than the Park Hyatt.  The room also felt more like a home than a cookie cutter hotel and I certainly appreciated the lack of wood paneling everywhere.  Also, the views were absolutely fantastic from the suite.

a mirror on a counter


a living room with a couch and a table

Living Room

a room with a table and chairs

Desk Area

a living room with a television and a chair

View From Couch

a bed with a chandelier and pictures on the wall


a bedroom with a large window and a large bed

View From Bedroom

a tv in a room

View from Bed

a bathroom with a sink and a mirror


a bathroom with a bathtub and shower

Shower and Tub

a door to a room

Closet space was a bit small, but there were two closets.

a white object with buttons

I really wish these toilets would catch on outside of Japan and Korea. I feel like a cave man once I go back to using a regular toilet.

Service (5/5)

Service was top notch at this hotel with efficient check-in and check-out and friendly accommodating staff.

a plate of fruit on a glass tableConclusion

In conclusion, after staying at both the Grand Hyatt and the Park Hyatt, I’ll be returning the to Grand Hyatt during my next visit to Seoul.   The location is in a better area, the views are superior, and the rooms are just better decorated.  However, if you are looking for a less crowded hotel, than the Park Hyatt is a better option.