Located in the French heritage district of Recoleta, the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires is a 5-Star luxury hotel that contains a Neoclassical palace from the 1930s.  While the daily cash rates are on the top end for hotels in Buenos Aires, the point redemption rates are more reasonable.  For those looking for old school European opulence in a great location near may tourist sites, this hotel is a great option.

a building with trees and grass

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires View from Room


Off peak daily rates for a standard room ranges from $400 to $500USD.   For those with Hyatt points, the daily rate is 20,000 points or 10,000 points plus $125USD.  For this booking I went with the points plus cash rate and applied a Tier Suite Upgrade that I received for having Globalist status.  This put me in the Park Suite that usually goes for $655 per night.

a chandelier in a room

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires Interior

Room (3/5)

After walking through the fancy lobby located in the old palace section of the hotel, the room appeared very bland and boring.  The light colored wood floors and walls seemed like they were from the 90s and the furniture from IKEA.  Not having separate rooms for the bed and the living room defeats the purpose of booking a suite.  If you have stayed at the Park Hyatt Seoul you might recognize the same disappointing interior.

On the plus side, the room had great views and the bathroom area was designed well.

After hearing such great things about this hotel, I was surprised to see such an uninspiring room.  Turns out this property has two buildings containing rooms, the old palace and the newer tower.  The palace rooms have marble floors, chandeliers, and some with functional fire places.  I’d advise to try and get a room in the palace section.

a room with a bed and a desk

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires Suite

This is the worst TV I have ever seen in a hotel room.  About size of a computer monitor, the TV had to be rotated back in forth depending on where in the suite you were located.

a television on a table in a room

View From Bed

a couch in a room

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires Suite

a coffee maker and wine glasses on a shelf

Mini Bar Area

a closet with luggage and a coat on a swinger


a bathroom with two sinks and a mirror

Bathroom Sinks

a shower head in a bathroom


a bathtub in a bathroom


While not Le Labo, the bath products were still pretty good.

a group of bottles on a counter

Bath Products

Property (5/5)

While the room in the new tower section was disappointing, the property was very impressive with marble floors, chandeliers, beautiful artwork, and detailed carvings.  By far having one of the classiest interiors, walking around this property feels like you are in a French palace.  The beautiful courtyard is a great feature and wonderful place to have an outdoor meal.

a patio area with tables and umbrellas


a chandelier in a room

Seating Area

a room with tables and chairs

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires Seating Area

a hallway with chandeliers and marble floor

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

a room with art on the wall

Underground Tunnel Between Buildings

a table with flowers on it

Floral Shop

Surrounding Area (5/5)

The surrounding area is full of beautiful historical buildings in the Beaux-Arts architectural style.  For those that enjoying taking long city walks, this is a great starting point with many attractions nearby.

a high angle view of a city

View From Bedroom

Food (5/5)

Food was well prepared and reasonably priced.  While not the most impressive Park Hyatt breakfast spread, enjoying breakfast out in the courtyard was a delight.

a long table with food on it

Breakfast Spread

a table with food containers on it

Breakfast Hot Dishes

Service (4/5)

Service staff was great with one exception, checking-in and checking out.   After checking in at the old palace, a long walk in the underground tunnel is required to get to the new tower.  The new tower also had a check-in desk.  They should let guests know in advance where the taxi should drop them off to avoid this process.

Additionally, checking out took way too long.  Several times I have experienced this at high end hotels.  Six staff members behind the desk doing seemingly nothing and other two in the lobby standing around while there is a long line at the desk.  Just put the bill under the door the night before so guest can checkout faster.

two glasses with water and flowers

Fresh Flowers in the Room


In conclusion, the property of the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires is one the most opulently decorated and the food is delicious.   Points redemptions rates are reasonable and the location is great.  However, the rooms in the newer tower are uninspiring and the check-out process surely can be improved.a room with a table and chairs