The Conrad Maldives includes several villa options ranging from beach villas to the large retreat water villa.  After making an award booking, the hotel will usually contact guests a few weeks prior to arrival and provides upgrade offers to larger villas.  The retreat water villa is a massive upgrade in size at 1,614 sq ft and with a much larger outdoor deck space.

Retreat Water Villa

Retreat Water Villa #421 at Conrad Maldives


The retreat villas are located on a long gangway attached to the main island providing more privacy.  Villas at the end, such as villas #420 and #421 are ideal since they have no other villas obstructing views nearby.  Downside is the long walk back to the island requires requesting a golf cart pickup, unless you want to burn in the sun walking back.

Retreat water villa

Walkway to Retreat Villas

If your intention is to spend most of your time in or around the villa, this is the best place to be.  For exceptional views, request a villa facing the sunset .

a map of a beach

Conrad Maldives Map


The interior of this villa is unbelievably huge with glass windows all over the place.  The amount of class in this villa is impressive.  You really feel like you are on top of the ocean with views of the sea in just about every direction.  Furthermore, the tall ceilings only enhance the openness of the villa.

Retreat water villas can be broken up into several parts; the foyer, bedroom, bathroom, hot tub room, and spa room.   When first entering, your are greeted with seating area with large floor to ceiling windows.

retreat water villa

Entrance/ Foyer of Retreat Water Villa

a room with a view of the ocean

Entrance/ Foyer of Retreat Water Villa

The bedroom has windows on both sides of the bed with the TV located in the ideal position, right in front of the foot of the bed.  Motorized blinds can be controlled with a remote control.

retreat water villa

Bedroom in Retreat Spa Villa

a bed with blue pillows in a room

Bedroom in Retreat Spa Villa

Ceiling fans help keep the room cool and when it is super hot outside, the air conditioning system is so powerful that it turns the villa into a meat locker.

a ceiling fan in a room

Tall Ceilings in the Retreat Spa Villa

a small refrigerator and a small fridge

Minibar area

There is a separate spa room with massage tables if you would like to request spa treatments in your room.  Unfortunately, the tables can’t be moved out of the way for those not interested in a massage.  It would be great of the couch could be moved in front of the floor to ceiling windows in the spa room.

a view of a pool from a building

View from walkway between Bathroom/Bedroom and Spa Room

Retreat water villa

Separate Spa room built into the Retreat Water Villa

Retreat Water VIlla Floor Plan

Retreat Water Villa Floor Plan


The bathroom was by far the coolest bathroom I have even seen.  Behind the sinks are glass walls and floors, so you can watch fish as you brush your teeth.  The bathtub and shower are in a separate room with windows on three sides, providing insanely great views of the ocean.

Retreat water villa

Large bathroom with windows everywhere

a sink on a table

Great view while brushing your teeth

Retreat water villa

Large Bathroom Area

a group of white bottles on a tile surface

Bathroom Products

a bathroom with a tub and a sink

Shower and bathtub with exceptional views

a toilet in a small bathroom

Toilet in separate room

a small table with a sink and a lamp

View from Toilet

Deck Space

The deck space is large with a bed, two recliner chairs, table and chairs, and a jacuzzi.  During high tide, it is possible to jump off the deck directly into the ocean.

Compared to other villas, much more ocean life can be spotted while sitting on the deck.   During my stay I saw several species of fish along with reef sharks and sting rays.  When walking up the stairs out of the ocean, a small shower head is available to rinse off sand.

Retreat water villa

Retreat Spa Villa Deck Space

a jacuzzi overlooking the ocean

View from deck of retreat spa villa

Lighting options are available for inside the jacuzzi, along the deck, and underneath the villa.  The lighting underneath the villa attracts many large fish and sting rays at night, which makes for an interesting wildlife viewing experience.

Retreat water villa

Wild life viewing at night under the retreat villa

Surrounding Area

Retreat villas a located along a long deck that extends off of the main island.  Spa services and a restaurant are also located near the retreat villas.  If you have diamond status, you can enjoy tea time at the restaurant near the spa for free.

a rock with a logo on it on a beach

Entrance to Spa area and Retreat Villas

Retreat water villa

Walkway to Retreat Villas

a walkway with lights on it

Walkway to Retreat Villas at night


Soaring views are the best part of staying in the retreat villas.  Other villas have walls or partitions that block part of the view from the deck space.  For the retreat villas, these walls are minimal and the views are epic, especially at sunset.  There is nothing better than soaking in the jacuzzi as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean.

a hot tub overlooking the ocean

Sunset view from Retreat Villa

a bathtub with a view of the ocean

View from bathtub in Retreat Villa

a view of the ocean from a glass door

View from bed in Retreat Villa


  • Huge amount of interior space
  • Windows everywhere with few obstructions
  • Extra Large Deck
  • Sunset views
  • Great Views from bathtub
  • Jacuzzi
  • Located further away from beach near sea life
  • More Privacy
  • Requires additional high cost beyond points
  • Long distances to get back to island

a building on stilts over water

Retreat Villa at Conrad Maldives

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